What is the Draft Environment and Liveability Strategy?

    The draft strategy provides long term strategic direction to guide growth and shape the Sunshine Coast for future generations to 2041 and positions the Sunshine Coast as a region ready to take strong collective action to preserve its outstanding natural assets and valued lifestyle.

    Why has the Draft Environment and Liveability Strategy been developed?

    Offering clarity, inspiration and direction, the draft strategy has been developed to ensure council’s policy intent remains contemporary and progressive.  Building on existing strategies, it provides an integrated and long-term approach to preserve and enhance our natural environment; shape and manage growth and embed sustainable living practices to build community resilience.

    Why do we need a long term Draft Environment and Liveability Strategy?

    Planning ahead and making sustainable choices at the right time is essential for dealing with future challenges.  By acting now, we can limit the loss of our natural environment, tackle the challenge of population growth in different and better ways, actively prepare to meet the needs and expectations of future communities and build a landscape and community that is resilient to the forecast impacts of climate change. 

    How will the Draft Environment and Liveability Strategy be used?

    The draft will be used to inform planning, guide decision making, drive implementation and engage stakeholders.

    Why is the Draft Environment and Liveability Strategy relevant to me?

    The draft strategy is relevant to everyone who lives, works and plays on the Sunshine Coast. It will be good for the environment, our economy and our lifestyle and is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of the Sunshine Coast. 

    Why has 2041 been used in the strategy?

    2041 has been used in the draft strategy as it aligns with the State Government’s ‘Shaping SEQ’ timelines which is a plan to guide the future of South East Queensland in collaboration with local governments.      

    What is the Draft Environment and Liveability Strategy’s relationship with the Planning Scheme?

    The strategy does not replace the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014, but rather will be used to inform future amendments and the development of new planning schemes.