What do you think will maintain the quality of life?

about 6 years ago
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Should there be more businesses, should there be more social activities, should it stay the same as it is now?

  • mary over 8 years ago
    A rural area needs to remain a rural area. A rural area of the 21st century using modern techniques to maintain sustainability in all aspects of living.
  • Anitap over 8 years ago
    Remaining a Rural area and not turning it into a mining town. A MEGA quarry isn't appropriate for the Noosa Hinterland.
  • IanBates over 8 years ago
    Quality of life in a rural area is sustained by the health of the rural community. The environment has to be protected and enhanced. Communities have to be connected socially. Communications have to be fast and reliable. Facilities have to be localised. Transport corridors have to be established and maintained. Home based business should be nurtured, not taxed or regulated into oblivion. Activities and facilities for children have to be at the forefront, to encourage families to live and work in the hinterland. It is all possible.
  • weisarts over 8 years ago
    From where I sit, it appears the region has been through quite a major shift in the past 10 to 15 years. Much of the old rural activity has been replaced with tree change/lifestyle activities. Over this period a progressive community culture has started integrating and benefiting from the renewal of vision and energy. I would like to see government at all levels recognize and support the rural community cultures, especially in view of their successes in caring for the environment and cultivating their own decentralized sustainability. Computers and the internet are allowing experts to live in the healthy and peaceful countryside while participating actively in business, as if they were in the city.So many of these small communities do great things to help themselves already. When big problems have surfaced we have seen them working together and supporting each other to achieve collective goals. These communities love this hinterland and the community spirit. The residents themselves will work creatively and energetically to maintain the quality of life, even if it means tackling governments whose priorities seem to be motivated by other interests. The Friends of the Mary River demonstrated their power and the Friends of the Hinterland continue doggedly to see it protected from damaging development. Today it may be the quarry, but the determination will remain, whatever threat may arise.Value the environment and support its enhancement. Support and encourage people to grow their local communities, economies and villages. Promote this cultural development and the hinterlandscape, B and Bs, cottage industry, eco and arts tourism and the quality of life is likely to grow steadily while providing great opportunities for people to live their lives in a loving relationship with the land, their neighbors, and the many visitors we share it with.
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    • CoorooraChanger over 8 years ago
      Connectivity is important, particularly as the baby boomer generation ages. Older ones who cannot drive anymore risk being shut-ins without convenient access to shops, doctors and other services. It is not just about them, though. The rural areas have many teenagers who cannot drive a car. We have seen tragedies where a barely legal age driver takes his mates somewhere and they drive home, only to come to grief on our rural roads. The council is to be aplauded for its Council Cabs and Flexilink taxi/bus services. With the introduction of a midday train to Gympie and return, passing through the rural villages, it doubles up on some bus services (i.e. 632 middle-of-the-day service). While the 632 morning and evening services are important for workers, consideration should be given to how a daytime bus run could better coordinate with the train and Cooroy, or act as a feeder service to the train and for transfers to Noosa Junction.
  • Lalik over 8 years ago
    community based business is essential for an area, it empowers a precinct, gives it a sense of individuality, what we need is to morph social, tourism and community business into more hinterland towns. not unlike like the cheese factories the nut works,spice stuff, muffler works etc. to do business in the hinterland is dream of mine and many others I am sure, we need the encouragement from the (town focus groups) then council. This coastal focus for Cbd,s is wrong. way wrong, It will be like traveling to brisbane city in the future, the masses will dread it, then the tourists. People from around the country move here to enjoy just being here not in a CBD look at ways of de-centalising the coast into true hamlet style townships with some soul
  • sunshine over 8 years ago
    I live in Maleny and arrived here 12 years ago with my daughter. Since that time I have enjoyed the rural life I came for however this is changing rapidly. Traffic congestion, small residential block developments, big city ideas. I would like to see rural residential maintained at the very least with purely residential development kept to a small footprint. Local producers encouraged and supported, street lights kept to the residential zoning only. Transparency in decision making that effects us all.
  • rural futures over 8 years ago
    Restriction of the creation of residential developments on small blocks....dare I say it but population control! It's contoversial but the roads and small towns are busy enough and the special character of the area will be lost if more and more land is released for "town" style developments. We must protect our area's bio-diversity by protecting habitats and reducing road kill.The area being a domitory for workers in Brisbane will not be sustainable as oil and other resources become scarce and expensive.
  • Lizzy over 8 years ago
    I've lived in Landsborough for the last 27 years & am horrified at the way the area is being over-developed. The latest atrocity - a poorly planned subdivision in White's Rd which will result in even more extreme flooding downstream. After January's extreme weather, it should have been obvious to 'the powers that be' that approval for this should never have been granted. I'm still waiting for my road to be upgraded to allow me to exit my property after 2 days of solid rain - now I suppose I'll be isolated after just 1 day!!! My quality of life will further decline when the Caloundra South development gets underway because Mellum Creek will then be subjected to the added stress of high density development along it's full length. God save the Pumicestone Passage because the State Government seems hell bent on destroying it!! We need to stop this unbridled growth now - otherwise the Hinterland itself will cease to exist becoming just another suburb of Caloundra.
  • Steve S over 8 years ago
    We need to keep the small hinterland rural towns small. No more new subdivisions. Keep concentrations of people in the fringes of existing cities or on the coast. If the hinterland towns must grow, then use medium density housing. See how they have managed for centuries in rural Germany, France and Italy. Local fresh food markets are essential. Local jobs with far less need for travelling to remote workplaces.
  • Minda over 8 years ago
    Quality of life will be maintained by ensuring the health of the communities - this means that residents must be able to afford to live here (economic reality), the natural assets of the area must be protected and enhanced (environmental reality) and the strong community spirit that exists must be nurtured and recognised for what it is (social reality).Local employment initiatives must be encouraged, local schools must provide more adequately so that fewer local kids have to make the daily trip to coastal private schools, groups such as Barung Landcare should be given all the support possible as they not only achieve enormous environmental outcomes but play a vital role in educating newer residents on how to live in this environment through education, in fact all aspects of local community activity must be nurtured and valued.
  • Johan over 8 years ago
    To Maintain and Support community Health I think we should start: using fertile land for independent food growcreating smart housing (green, eco, sustainable, what ever you like to call it)creating smart village like pocketsbanning all destructive actions -how logic!- such as gas mining, poisons in agriculturelooking at a fresh and modern way of a town planning that; 1 has esthetic values, with attention to design, raise from the shed culture in to architecture! 2 caters safe walk and bike paths, 3 works with climate
  • smoothie over 8 years ago
    The challenge is our ability to develop the types of sustainable businesses that 'fit' sensibly in the rural sector - after all, we all want to live and work locally - so I believe a great deal of thought needs to go into this area. Equally as important, especially for young families, is the provision of a variety of healthy physical activities and facilities - sporting organisations and schools are often the hub of all towns, whether they be rural or not. The trick is the balance of the activity and the aesthetic - retirees may want to pursue more leisurely based outdoor activities, whilst kids and younger people require more active pursuits - all can be accommodated by the lifestyle we aspire to for all ages in our rural towns as long as the planning is there. It would be a shame to see the retiree sector edge out a variety of activities simply because they are not participating in them all.
  • Johan over 8 years ago
    GOOD food promotion, FAST FOOD ban.Healthy community? Show them how to eat healthy.Wake up to the relation disease - bad nutrition.Smart state? Then brake lose from the food producers that stimulate bad food in our supermarkets, lunch, coffee brakes.Anyone not afraid to find an alternative on sugar snacks that are presented at the tea table?Start small and everywhere!:-)