Does the Noosa Hinterland need a MEGA quarry?

by Anitap, over 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded

I have lived in the beautiful green and serene Kin Kin 10 years ago and we chose this beautiful part of the world because of it's peace and serenity.  If a MEGA quarry starts this will be lost forever, the environment will be destroyed, the noise and air pollution will be ruined.  When we bought here no rural quarry came up in the searches and people who purchased properties 2 years ago a MEGA quarry never came up in the searches.  The Noosa Hinterland does not need a MEGA quarry as the Noosa Hinterland is a great tourist destination.  Another reason it doesn't need a quarry is because the cost of the maintenance of the roads will cost more than the quarry operator's profits but the tax payer has to pay for it not the quarry operator.

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  • JDonaldson almost 9 years ago
    We too brought in the Noosa hinterland several years ago, we did the appropriate searchs and found nothing to be found on the expansion possibilties of the Kin Kin Mega Quarry. This has us and many more locals worried on several fronts, first the safety of our families is at great risk sharing the roads with very large trucks on a very unsuitible road for truck use. Secondly this will destroy and peace and quite of this little town & crush the appeal to tourists, dropping local house prices considerably aswell.

    We were not consulte of this expansion of the quarry even though its just up the road! This has been approved with nothing said. No community consultation.

    We love our quite rural town.
  • keithy almost 9 years ago
    The Hinterland needs a mega quarry like...
    Like a hole in the head.
    Like a bullet in the foot.
    Like America needed Osama bin Laden.
    Like Australia needs cane toads.
    Like asylum seekers need a hung parliament in Australia.
    Like a rose needs roundup.
    Like we need climate change.
    Like harp seals need clubbing.
    Like I need another cigarette...
    You get the drift
  • Shannon almost 9 years ago
    The council has let us down, badly and continues to do so by not limiting the tonnage.
  • weisarts almost 9 years ago
    The one benefit I can see from this Mega-Quarry proposal is that it has drawn so many good people together. How I would love to see them able to work for life-enhancing development and spend their hard-earned fund-raising profits on positive, enriching projects, rather than paying off debts incurred in trying to hold Council responsible for the irregularities in the approval processes that have allowed the old quarry approval to escalate to the MEGA scale without any community consultation or consideration.

    What benefit can there be for the Hinterland? Will we have cheaper gravel? If so, how will it make our lives better? Will it create more jobs than it destroys?---Hard to imagine. Will it promote tourism?---not likely. Will it support the environmental consciousness of the Biosphere? If the quarry went on for 30 years, what might be the prospects beyond that date?

    What are the benefits for the hinterland? Better roads.

    Muraroa Atol was an island paradise. What was the benefit of nuclear testing. Did it make the world a better place?

    I haven't heard a single benefit from this proposed quarry for the hinterland and its residents. Will it make housing cheaper for locals?

    It really seems it has nothing to do with the hinterland other than being an untapped resource seen by outsiders as being useful to them.

    It is hard for me to understand how the eco-resort was denied approval on the basis of lack of infrastructure when this quarry is approved on the basis that the need for gravel is more important than the country and communities that stand to be trampled under the wheels of that kind of progress.

    Does the Noosa Hinterland need a MEGA quarry--NO!

    What can a MEGA quarry offer the Hinterland? Someone, anyone?
  • B Gr8ful almost 9 years ago
    The mega quarry goes against everything the Noosa hinterland is all about:
    clean and natural environment
    strong community

    One could be forgiven for thinking that this image is just to lure the tourist $, because our elected representatives seem hell bent on making sure we who live here can't enjoy it.

    I have lived in Pomona for 12 years and in that time we have had to fight various levels of government and private companies (usually supported by govt) to do the following to negatively impact our health, happiness and general quality of life, in and around our local area:
    * build a mobile phone tower next door to Federal school
    * move the highway (3 separate options were offered that had everyone at each other's throats - NIMBY principle)
    * try to build an illegal environmental disaster of a dam (Traveston)
    * build an electricity sub station in a residential area (they slipped that into the outskirts of Pomona after Cooran kicked up a stink)

    None of these showed up in land searches either, but were simply announced and we had to fight them.

    These have all caused high levels of stress and I have watched our community be diminished by bankruptcy, divorce, suicide and people simply getting jack of it all and moving away from the area. The quarry is just the latest assault.

    Community consultation is non-existant, or if it does occur it is only so they can say they've done it (at our expense) and then ignore it.

    e.g. Kin Kin golf course - supported by locals, blocked by council.

    Certain members of Council who live in the local area know how inadequate the roads are already, without huge numbers of v-double trucks on them, and allowed this quarry to go ahead. They aren't just looking at the road on a map, they've driven it.

    What ever happened to being there for the people of the electorate?
    Why (and how) has this quarry been approved?
    Who is paying for the roads to be fixed that are already being made more dangerous?

    Time for 4 Corners to come in and do some (mega) digging of their own.

    PS If anyone from council is reading this can you please send a road crew out to fix Pound Rd, Pomona, (again). It's breaking up (again) and there has been loose gravel all over the road for more than a week now. At least, can you pretend you care about our safety and put up some warning signs? Its in a 100K zone, and unexpectedly hitting loose gravel at that speed is not the sort of excitement anyone needs, least of all with kids in the car.