How do we protect the environment through this process?

about 6 years ago
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Do you see a conflict between what you want and protecting the environment? What is your solution? Should we leave the Hinterland as it is?

  • stella over 8 years ago
    I believe that we need to reserve more (much more) land for parks. It will create the "lungs of the sunshine coast" habitation for wildlife, and recreation areas for people.I do not see a conflict in what I want and how I live - protecting the environment. My whole lifestyle is about protecting the environment.May be council can have tours to my village, Crystal Waters to educate people on how one can live and still protect the environment. Council has a up and running eco village with eco friendly houses operating in the Hinterland since 20 years. Do they know that we are here?
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    • CoorooraChanger over 8 years ago
      The comparison is often made between the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast and people's vision for the Sunshine Coast often is defined as 'we don't want to be the Gold Coast' and, indeed, that should be the case. More people should be able to enjoy the Sunshine Coast Hinterland by being able to stay next to nature. The Blackall Range has a very good mix of accommodation venues. Our coast hinterland has many B and Bs, but there is only one 'family' motel between Nambour and Gympie, for instance. More motorists will be using the Bruce Highway and, potentially, would be in need of motel-style accommodation on the outskirts of highway towns. Also, the hinterland lacks a Peppers Resort, or a Binna Burra-style iconic accommodation destination that could be located so as to provide a base for visitors that wish to explore the Noosa Trails network. Such a resort would provide additional hospitality jobs and diversify the tourism experiences on offer.
  • weisarts over 8 years ago
    As a Kin Kin resident, living on the banks of Kin in Creek, I would like to thank and praise Noosa Landcare and the Friends of Kin Kin Creek for their valuable assistance in the regeneration of my small property and their most productive work throughout the neighborhood. I also wish to thank and praise the great efforts of so many neighbors who have transformed properties from weed infestations to idyllic gardens. I would like to praise all the wildlife carers in the area for their love and generosity towards our native fauna. How do we protect the environment?----provide help, provide information, provide consultation, provide schemes, workshops, take stock of the success and talk about these. Show shining examples. Keep the dialogues open, make connections, work together and celebrate successes.
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    • DeMosae over 8 years ago
      The Council and Landcare are indeed to be congratulated on their initiatives to involve the community in the rehabilitation of natural habitats in our area. The extensive planting around waterways is already attracting a greater and more varied bird population, and recently we've noticed a few platypi around Kin Kin Creek and Keys Creek :o)))
  • Anitap over 8 years ago
    We should leave the hinterland as it is and stop the MEGA quarry in the Noosa Hinterland it isn't appropriate for this area. It should remain green and serene!
  • IanBates over 8 years ago
    I see no conflict. If what I want would have a negative effect on the environment, I don't do it. Although our property is far from perfect we do what we can within our budget and physical ability to enhance the environment we live in. Bird and frog species numbers have grown enormously in the 32 years we have lived here. We now have millable timber where weeds grew 25 years ago. The hinterland should not stay as it is - we can do much more to enhance the environment we leave to our grandchildren. But it will take effort and commitment to prevent all the good work being undone by development and greed.
  • Rainey over 8 years ago
    Absolutely, we should leave the hinterland as it is. That is its character, and its drawcard. Rather than destroying it with quarries, build on its environmental credentials, and make it a drawcard for tourists. Not only can we protect the environment, but we can enhance it. Rather than developing more and more areas, why not plant more trees and make the hinterland a carbon sink, and make it the food bowl for the developed areas? Who knows, we could also give some refugees some land and let them teach us how to grow something from nothing!
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    • CoorooraChanger over 8 years ago
      Change is inevitable, and it can occur without sacrificing the environment. It just has to be the right type of change. Discreet, low-key, innovative, niche, rural-based where possible, creative and of the place. An art gallery in a village does not harm the environment. Pictures and paintings of the natural environment can enhance its importance. Small scale subdivision around small towns (as has occurred at Cooran and Kin Kin) bring new people to an area and help sustain the school, community groups and local shops. These elements are the lifeblood of the community. It may be, for example, that the community at Federal, soon to be bypassed by the highway, could benefit from limited rural subdivision around the school and hall. That might sustain a local post office/shop and help create another stopping place for tourists, particularly if the rainwater holding pond now located at the junction of Middle Creek road was landscaped to become a village park.
  • JDonaldson over 8 years ago
    Leave this area as is please. No one wants this amont of resource ripped from the ground and then transported through our quite town on one of the most dangerous roads in Qld. I can't believe its gone this far!.
  • grays over 8 years ago
    The Hinterland is a very special place and any proposed changes should be thoroughly scrutinised to ensure they do not threaten or damage the environment. And maybe the standards to be met for approval need to be more transparent. More consideration of community interest and/or concerns prior to council approval may also help ensure the success of future projects etc.
  • robynj over 8 years ago
    No conflict here. But the conflict at Sheppersons Lane, Kin Kin is looming and if Council does not exercise its right to stop the Kin Kin Quarry this magnificent area will be devastated. And that will be a conflict which will be utterly disastrous for our environment, wildlife, cottage industries, flourishing art culture, eco-tourism and lifestyles for those who were drawn here by the clean green serenity which will be lost forever to this repugnant development. And the damage will not stop at Kin Kin, the heavy vehicle traffic will be hugely detrimental not only to our deadly Kin Kin/Pomona Road (and those forced to use it) but through to Pomona, Cooroy, Cootharaba, and Dr. Pages Rd. to Noosa. Sunshine Coast Regional Council, PLEASE do not do this to the precious, gorgeous country you are now lucky enough to have under your protection. It's simple. It is your duty to protect it. The solution is simple, and blindingly obvious. Yes, leave the Hinterland as it is - NO QUARRY IN KIN KIN.
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    • Lachlan Davis over 8 years ago
      According to the sworn affidavit presented to the court hearing by a respected Traffic Engineer last year, there are 'about 3400 vehicles per day' on Pomona-Kin Kin Rd. The maximum number of trucks estimated to come from the quarry is 40 per day. This means that current traffic volume is 141/hr and the quarry will add at most, 4 vehicles/hr. A miniscule 2.5% increase, but we are supposed to believe that this will destroy the hinterland?
  • Annemarie VH over 8 years ago
    Glass House Country Hinterland has so many natural assets and community cultures. Farming is important but we need to listen to decades of research that tells us that many of our farming practices (animal factory farms, fertilizers, pest spraying etc) are destroying the soil and polluting our rivers, air and atmosphere. It is possible to bring change and provide new jobs and industries without damaging the environment. We also need to look at the industries that are already here and reduce their pollution footprint with best practice clean and green processes and technology. We need new standards and regulations from SCRC and have these monitored for compliance.Leaving the Hinterland as it is means we accept business as usual and leave behind damage from the past. We need to accept that mistakes have been made in the past and we need to work with all levels of government to repair, conserve and protect our natural environment at the same time as creating new industries, jobs and places for people to live that are environmentally sustainable.
  • Steve S over 8 years ago
    Land clearing practices in the 19th and early 20th century saw to a large percentage of the former rainforest lands being cleared for broad scale dairy farming and cropping on the Maleny Plateau. Some regeneration of forest is occurring in pockets and the creation of viable linkages is vital in our region. It has been shown to actually improve the local micro-climates to add pockets of forest to agricultural properties and Council should be encouraging such practices.
  • Sammy over 8 years ago
    No conflict with what I want but there has already been a major erosion of our environment on the Blackall Range (and particularly Maleny) through thoughtless development.Much as I would like to see the Hinterland stay as it is, I fear the best that can be hoped for is that any new growth here is scrutinised very carefully and serious efforts made to reduce the footprint of this growth.Making our environment a draw-card for people, giving greater exposure to those groups and individuals who work to repair or maintain our wonderful natural environment and setting realistic but non-negotiable guidelines for new development (and encouraging retro-fitting of existing developments) is a good start,
  • Minda over 8 years ago
    I see no conflict through protecting our agriculturally productive farmlands and protecting the environment. Incentives for landholders to "do the right thing" such as revegetating waterways will increase local ownership of our natural environment while working towards enhancing it.The Hinterland should NOT be left as it is - there is SO much room for improvement if landholders are encouraged to plant native flora instead of exotics, work together to create linkages between existing remnant bushland, and proect our existing natural resources.Not only do we sit in the headwaters of at least five river systems, but the environmental benefits of enhancing this environment for locals, visitors and even the folk in Brisbane and further afield are immeasurable.
  • Denish over 8 years ago
    The issue here is one that concerns us all, locally, nationally and globally!As a nation, we have allowed the focus on every thing we do to be based on "Economic Rationalism", the dollar and materialism drives every thing....we need more population so the producers can produce and sell more to grow the business to make more and sell more etc.If we analyse the comments of contributers to this forum, they are really saying we should adopt an "Envirinmental Rationalism", which means we maintain the environment and with that comes green and clean food, lifestyle choices, minimal growth, and not growth for growths sake....forget the economist forecasts and the global economy.
  • alf_alphamale over 8 years ago
    One constant which must be preserved are the river systems. The Maleny plateau for example, is home to the headwaters of the Mary and Stanley Rivers, along with Obi Creek and many tributaries. Together they are the primary suppliers of water to the Wivenhoe/Somerset dam systems, Baroon Pocket Dam, Ewen Maddock Dam and more, with the Mary also a secondary supplier to the Noosa region. One former councillor described the plateau as Catchment Central ...Only a congenital idiot would, in these climactically uncertain times, meddle with these systems which (now) supply water to more than half of the south-east corner. Unfortunately congenital idiots exist in many corners and have a nasty habit of appearing in the guise of councillors, developers and chambers of commerce members.Equally unfortunately, we have seen meddling in the form of built environments take their toll in so-far small ways, but we only need to look at the Toowoomba plateau last January to see what can happen with poor planning, and rampant development allowing river systems to be tampered with.Natural environment first; everything else considered secondary or lesser. Any plan which faithfully acknowledges that dictum will be starting on a firm footing for all else in the Coast's hinterland.
  • Possumhugger over 8 years ago
    There's no conflict for me in becoming more sustainable, supporting local businesses and preserving our native environment with all its flora and fauna. Ban multinational businesses. Prevent mining in our area. Protect our aquafers.
  • weisarts over 8 years ago
    Last week I attended the breakfast meeting in Cooroy associated with this study. It was very apparent that there are many good and enthusiastic people taking entrepreneurial action and passionate about the value of the hinterland. The overwhelming majority of the issues raised pointed towards a growing and evolving culture of eco, tourism, arts and cottage industry. Many of these highly motivated participants spoke of the need for certainty that their efforts will not be destroyed by mining related outcomes associated with the Nielsen Quarry approval outside Kin Kin. The suggestion that a million tonnes of gravel per year for thirty years will travel through the greater hinterland region including Pomona, Kin Kin, Cootharaba, Tewantin, Eumundi, Cooran---any direction where there may be a delivery destination---this possibility alone appears to override any other real potential for the region. I commend this survey for collecting the data and giving a space for residents to voice their dreams and fears for the region.How do we protect the environment? Give it high priority. Accept that it is the eco life, ecological health of the region that is its principal asset. Support projects that enhance and strengthen the relationship between people and landscape. Reject proposals that exploit the natural resource at the expense of the whole hinterland including the tourism for which it is famous.This Nielsen's Quarry approval and subsequent court case has brought to light a vast resource of human dedication to the protection of the environment and lifestyle of the Sunshine Coast. The resourcefulness, commitment and creativity of this large portion of the hinterland community is a regional wealth whose potential in the decades to come is certain to be more value to the region and its inhabitants than private profit at the expense of the environment and residential population.It is also very clear that a great many residents feel a sense of betrayal and abandonment by their council representatives. It was also very apparent at the breakfast that Cr Brennan is in opposition to his constituents in Division 12. Something here needs to be healed. How can the hinterland be expected to prosper when there is opposition between the voters and their elected representative? We are not talking about a few people. These are many people with far reaching influence. Let us hope that out of this challenging situation, we can find a common goal with a commitment to a united vision for the hinterland where residents and businesses may cultivate the natural resource in a way that can grow and develop into a showcase of harmonious co-creation with outstanding outcomes for the environment.
  • dillenia over 8 years ago
    Nothing ever remains exactly the same but by ensuring that existing environmental codes are actually monitored and if necessary enforced, it is possible to enhance what we have without impacting on other activities. Small business generally employs the most people and in the right place has the least impact on the environment.