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Sunshine Coast Council is undertaking early planning for improvements to John Hotton Park, Warana.

The park is an already popular and well-developed Local Park providing access to Warana Beach. A redesign of the current layout could improve the park’s function and amenity.

Council is seeking input on what the community loves about the park and what improvements they might like to see to ensure that any changes made to the park are in line with the local community’s values.

Council invites you to share your thoughts on improvements to John Hotton Park by completing an online survey before 19 April.

While any improvements are not yet part of council’s 10-year Capital Works Program for construction, community feedback will help prioritise improvements and seek potential future grant applications and funding opportunities.

​John Hotton Park Warana - Site Location

John Hotton Park Warana - Site Location

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Coastal Pathway

As per the Coastal Pathway Masterplan 2017, the planned Coastal Pathway will pass through the Warana Foreshore Bushland Reserve, connecting the recently completed Palkana Park section to Buddina. This path is currently being designed.

Toilet Block

The toilet block in John Hotton Park is scheduled for renewal and the new building will be constructed in the same location as existing. Construction is due to commence mid-2023.