Project Overview

Biosecurity refers to measures or procedures that are taken to control and manage invasive plants and animals in our region.

The Sunshine Coast is under threat from invasive plants and animals. Taking action to manage biosecurity at your place helps to protect our environment, industries, and community from the effects of invasive species and, helps to protect our native plants and animals.

Invasive species are weeds, pest animals, pest fish, diseases, viruses, and parasites that are occurring beyond their normal environment. Invasive species can be introduced and spread to new areas both by accident and on purpose but, either way, the impacts can be devastating on our environment, industry, and community.

Everyone has a GBO (General Biosecurity Obligation), as set out in the Biosecurity Act 2014. This means we are all responsible for managing the invasive plants and animals under our control. For example, managing a weed species on your property.

The more people who know about biosecurity and take biosecurity action at their place the more we can protect our native plants and animals on the Sunshine Coast.

Understanding the Biosecurity Act 2014

Check out this 2-minute video that explains the Biosecurity Act and how it informs council’s biosecurity actions.

Community engagement

Sunshine Coast residents were invited to complete the 5 minute survey to share insights, opinions, and examples of actions used to manage invasive plants and animals.

The survey closed on Monday 31 October 2022.

Where to from here?

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the community survey and engagement activities. Findings from the community engagement program have been collated and analysed. The Biosecurity, Protecting Our Sunshine Coast Survey - Key Finding Summary Report provides an overview of the community engagement results and the recommended next steps.



Why is biosecurity important?

Invasive plants and animals impact our region’s natural environment. They degrade the region’s natural bushland and aquatic environments, impact industry and community spaces, and can cause harm and health issues. Under the Sunshine Coast Biosecurity Plan 2017, everyone in the community has a responsibility to manage invasive plants and animals. Managing invasive species is challenging and requires a combined, ongoing effort from all stakeholders, which is why council encourages co-operative and coordinated efforts between community and industry to protect our region.

Our Biosecurity Plan

Sunshine Coast Council’s Biosecurity Plan 2017 provides the framework for the management of priority invasive plants and animals on the Sunshine Coast and was created in accordance with the Queensland Government’s Biosecurity Act 2014. The implementation of the plan aligns with a state-wide collective effort to improve the health of our lands, water and biodiversity across Queensland.

Learning about invasive species

How we help

The role of Sunshine Coast Council’s biosecurity team is to protect our region from the impacts of invasive plants and animals. The biosecurity team can assist you with identifying invasive species, informing you about management options, and providing you with equipment and resources to help you manage the biosecurity risks at your place.

Check out this 10-minute video for more information on why managing invasive plants is important:

Why managing invasive plants is important?