Project summary

Sunshine Coast Council is looking for a suitable location for a pump track in Buderim and have asked for the community’s input on where it should go.


In developing Council's Recreation Parks Plan 2021, the Buderim community indicated that they would like to see more informal sport opportunities for teenagers and young adults in the area.

After reviewing the feedback and assessing the existing informal sport opportunities in the area, Council has identified Buderim as an ideal location for a pump track.

What is a pump track?

A pump track is a track for wheeled sports equipment that requires minimal pedalling or pushing and relies on a “pumping” action to maintain momentum.

Sugarbag Road Pump Track, Caloundra

What are the benefits of a pump track?

Using pump tracks help riders build bike handling skills including cornering, weighting and unweighting the bike and jumping. It also assists riders in learning how to build momentum without pedalling. These skills can then be used in other biking activities such as mountain biking.

Riding on pump tracks is also a fun way to exercise with friends and family and is a great activity for the whole family.

Who can use a pump track?

Pump tracks like skate parks are accessible to almost anyone and for all ability levels.

Originally designed for mountain bike and BMX users, the use of different surfaces such as concrete and bitumen has allowed scooter, skateboard and skate users to also enjoy using the tracks.

Proposed locations

Council has identified two potential locations on the north side of Buderim to investigate further for the pump track. The locations are Cumberland Way Park and Forestwood Drive Park.

Option 1: Forestwood Drive Park

Forestwood Drive Park is a 1.7-hectare local recreation park with access from Forestwood Drive and Wises Road. The park contains a playground, basketball court, walking/ scooter / bike loop and open lawn areas and is close to local bus routes.

Option 2: Cumberland Way Park

Cumberland Way Park is a 1.3-hectare local recreation park on Cumberland Way. The park contains a playground, walking paths, seats and open lawn areas and is situated near local shops and public transport routes.

Where to from here

Council will now undertake review of the feedback and survey results received to determine the community’s interest in the proposal including their preferred location for the pump track. If the survey results indicate support for the pump track proposal, council will commence preliminary planning and design work for the project.