Council asked for community feedback on relocating the basketball facilities from the existing multi-sports court, adjacent to Bellvista Meeting Place, to a new location within Canavan Gracie Park, Caloundra.


In September 2021, council engaged the community surrounding Canavan Gracie Park to better understand the way the community use the park. This included whether a new basketball half court would be welcomed by the community. As part of community engagement, surveys were sent to residents and an online survey was also made available on councils ‘Have your say’ website.

Your feedback helped council understand the best outcome for the basketball relocation.

Community engagement

The survey data has been analysed and we have heard:

Canavan Gracie Park is a popular park 80% of respondents use the park at least once a week but typically most visitors use 3 or more days a week 65%.

The primary use of the park is for walking via the tracks (80% of respondents).

The main secondary uses of the park include:

  • tennis courts 37%
  • playground 25%
  • picnic shelters 29%
  • basketball hoop 19%.

76% of respondents supported changing the tennis court operating times from 10pm to 9pm.

89% of respondents supported changing relocating the basketball court the proposed location.

Where to from here

With the support of the community, council will now commence the design and construction of a new half court and the replacement of the cricket pitch as per the plan. The basketball hoop at the tennis court will be decommissioned following the completion of the half court.

The works are scheduled to commence May 2022.

For more information, please contact council’s Project Team on (07) 5475 7272 or email