Chancellor Village Park

Fenced dog off-leash area extension

Sunshine Coast Council has investigated the community’s interest in extending the dog off-leash area at Chancellor Village Park, Sippy Downs.

Council encouraged the community to share feedback on the proposed extension between 31 July and 22 August 2023.

Overall, 104 surveys were completed. This has provided Council with a better understanding of the communities favoured options.

Project background

In 2018, Council developed the Sippy Downs Parks Master Plan encompassing all parks in Sippy Downs, including Chancellor Village Park. This master plan was informed by valuable input from the community. As per the master plan, the existing fenced dog off-leash area has been identified for potential extension. Recently, community members initiated a petition requesting the extension be implemented in line with the master plan. Council is now engaging with the local community to determine the level of support for extension of the existing fenced dog off-leash area.
Proposed extension plan

Proposed extension plan

Overall survey findings

Residents were asked about their usage of the Chancellor Village Park fenced dog off-leash area, their reasons for using it (or not), and their support for the extension.

The general findings were as follows:

a) Majority support the extension only if there would be two separate areas for small and large dogs.

b) Concerns about wildlife and tree damage.

c) Concerns about impact to the nearby neighbourhood.

d) Requests for more agility equipment in the park.

After careful consideration and review of our community's input, the following conclusions have been made:

Limited benefit for the extension: Extending the park without formalised separate areas for large and small dogs wouldn't provide significant benefits. Achieving this separation is challenging due to space constraints.

Preservation of existing trees: Removing existing trees is not in the best interest of either the community or Council due to the potential harm to existing wildlife and the additional benefits our green spaces provide the community.

Where to from here

Community feedback received during this engagement phase has helped inform council.

As a result, the allocated budget will be redirected toward the development of new parks and improvements related to dog facilities within the wider community.

The enhancement of the park with agility equipment or other minor improvements will also be considered in the future, as budget allows.