Council provided the community the opportunity to have your say on council’s service delivery and the outlook for the region over next five years. Survey results are being used to shape a number of important documents that guide council’s decision making.


Residents and ratepayers had their say on a range of subjects, including:

  • parks and recreational facilities
  • local roads and pathways
  • libraries
  • pest management
  • the maintenance of the natural environment.

Council engaged an experienced research company, IRIS Research to undertake the delivery of the survey and provide the analysis and findings back to council.

What our community told us

IRIS Research completed 1000 phone interviews and independently analysed the findings to provide:

  • satisfaction ratings for each service
  • benchmarking to council’s 2015 survey and comparable local government’s within the IRIS Research database
  • assessment of the strengths to maintain and priority areas to improve overall satisfaction, and
  • liveability priorities over the next five years.

These results can be found in the Community Satisfaction Survey Summary.

What council is doing with the results

The community satisfaction survey has already informed the development of council’s Corporate Plan 2021-2025. This document provides goals and strategic priorities for the next five years. It guides the development of our annual operational plan and budget as well as progress reporting to our community. A number of the strategic priorities in the corporate plan respond directly to the survey results, including:

  • Implementing a renewed community engagement policy and framework to support the delivery of best practice engagement
  • Producing a new Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme to guide future residential and commercial development in a sustainable way which reflects community values
  • Applying a ‘one-network’ approach in advocating for and providing an integrated transport system as well as promoting behaviour changes in travel choice
  • Engaging our community to develop service excellence principles
  • Developing a service improvement plan that includes the implementation of priority service reviews.

The community satisfaction phone interviews and online survey results continue to be used alongside other data to identify continual improvement opportunities and inform council’s asset management plans, business plans and further engagement activities.