Council regularly engages the community to have their say on council’s service delivery through participation in a Community Satisfaction Survey. Survey results are being used to shape a number of important documents that guide council’s decision making. The survey was run by council in both 2020 and 2022, and details about this consultation is outlined below.


Residents and ratepayers had their say on a range of subjects, including:

  • parks and recreational facilities
  • local roads and pathways
  • libraries
  • pest management
  • the maintenance of the natural environment.

In 2020, Council utilised IRIS Research, who are an experienced and independent research company. Since this time, they have joined Taverner Research, who were engaged in 2022 to undertake the delivery of the survey using the same methodology and report the results back to council.

What our community told us

In September 2022 Taverner Research completed 1000 randomly selected interviews contacting respondents by phone or through an online panel that was used to attract youth representation. The results were independently analysed and provided findings in relation to:

  • satisfaction ratings for each service
  • benchmarking to council’s 2020 survey and comparable local government’s within the Taverner Research database, and
  • assessment of the strengths to maintain and priority areas to improve overall satisfaction.

What council is doing with the results

The Community Satisfaction Survey 2022 will inform the development of council’s Corporate Plan 2023-2027 that will be published on council's website once adopted. This document provides our goals and strategic priorities for the next five years. It guides the development of our annual operational plan and budget as well as progress reporting to our community.

The community satisfaction phone interviews and online panel results continue to be used alongside other data to identify continual improvement opportunities and inform council’s asset management plans, business plans and further communication and engagement activities.