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Council have asked for feedback to ensure that the proposal for the redevelopment of the tennis court reflects the views of the local community. The survey has now closed.

Project Overview

Sunshine Coast Council is seeking community input on the concept design for the redevelopment of the former Nambour Heights Tennis Club courts in Con and Olive Daetz Park, Nambour.

Landscape plan features proposed

  • Basketball hoop with ‘points’ line marking
  • 4 square handball court line marking
  • Snakes and ladders line marking with dice panel
  • Table tennis table
  • Trike/ scooter track
  • Shade structure
  • Embankment slide
  • Swings
  • Toddler play structure
  • Sandstone scramble wall
  • Multi- play cube with slide
  • Rockerf
  • Curved aluminium seats
  • Open lawn area
  • Sandstone retaining wall
  • New footpath
  • Garden with shade trees
  • New bollards
  • Shade shelter

Project Proposal

The existing Nambour Heights Tennis Club courts are being decommissioned and converted back to public open space. The old courts will be reimagined and transformed into a fun and dynamic space with most of the concrete area being retained to allow for other exciting play opportunities. The project is proposed to be completed over several stages:

Removing the fence, shrubs and surrounding buildings and opening the old court for informal use.

Transforming the former court with painted on games like snakes and ladders and four square and stalling hoop shooting and table tennis table.

Relocating the existing playground away from the road and upgrading the playground to provide additional play options for younger children.

Please refer to the concept plan.

Why relocate the playground

The existing playground is coming to the end of useable life. Council plans to use this opportunity and consolidate the play spaces to create a fun and exciting play space for all ages.

The location of the existing playground would be converted to an open lawn area; ideal for throwing a frisbee, rolling down the hill or placing a picnic blanket under the shade trees.

Where to from here

Following feedback, the plan will be finalised and the proposed stages of works will be added to Council’s 10 year Capital Works Program. The community will be notified when the next stage is due to commence.

Council will also seek grant opportunities from other funding sources (as applicable) to combine stages where possible.