Council has updated the Management Plan for Domestic Animals (Cats and Dogs) for the next 10 years. Community feedback was sought on the draft plan from both pet owners and non-pet owners to assist in the development of the Action Plan.

Council recognises that for many people, pets are more than just a pet - they offer companionship and are part of the family. Some people don't like animals and prefer to enjoy places that are pet free. Others may not have a pet of their own but still enjoy being around pets in shared open spaces such as dog parks and dog off-leash areas.


The Management Plan for Domestic Animals (Cats and Dogs) 2021-2030 provides the framework for the delivery of animal management services and initiatives over the next 10 years.

Council has developed three themes to guide the new plan, with a goal of creating harmonious co-existence between people, pets and places.

  • Educated Informed People
  • Happy Healthy Pets
  • Safe and Inclusive Places

The purpose of the plan is to:

  • empower responsible pet ownership through education
  • provide service excellence in animal management
  • ensure places and spaces are safe, sustainable, accessible and environmentally friendly
  • build capacity for council and the community to work together
  • guide and strengthen partnerships with 4PAWS, SCARS and the RSPCA
  • cultivate creative and innovative approaches and technologies that support harmonious co-existence between people, pets and places.

The plan is guided by the Queensland Government Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 and the Sunshine Coast Council Local Law and Subordinate Local Law No. 2.

Community engagement

PHASE 1 - Preliminary consultation (July-August 2020)

A wide range of community and key stakeholders were engaged to inform the development of the draft Management Plan Domestic Animals (Cats and Dogs) and provide feedback in relation to 'responsible pet ownership' over the next 10 years. The feedback was valuable in helping to shape the plan to achieve the goal of creating harmonious co-existence between people, pets and places.

Survey closed 4pm Monday, 31 August 2020.

PHASE 2 - Review of draft plan (February-March 2021)

Feedback from the preliminary consultation was evaluated and reviewed to inform development of the draft plan. The community was given the opportunity to review the draft plan and provide feedback that helped to create an Action Plan to deliver on the plan’s goals.

Final plan adoption (June 2021)

Feedback on the draft plan was finalised and presented to council, together with the action plan. The plan was adopted by council at the June 2021 Ordinary Meeting.