Glenfields Neighbourhood Park is located centrally within Mountain Creek on Glenfields Boulevard.

Project Summary

The park has recently been changed from a Local level park to a District level facility due to the increase in demand and supply of facilities within the park.

A public amenities facility (public toilets) has been requested many times over the years and Council is currently assessing whether to install one.

Council sought feedback to ensure that the installation of public amenities reflects the views of the wider community.

Have your say

Council invited the community to have their say on the proposed public amenities facility at Glenfields Neighbourhood Park via an online survey. Submissions closed 5pm Friday 19 February.

Proposed public amenities

Glenfields Neighbourhood Park is in close proximity to other parks and playgrounds, however there are no public amenities in close proximity.

The scope of works for this project is to consider one standard cubicle and one PWD cubicle. A PWD toilet is an accessible toilet which is designed to accommodate people with physical disabilities.

Determining the best location for the new amenities building within Glenfields Neighbourhood Park will also form part of the project.

Where to from here

Community feedback received during this engagement phase will help council determine whether or not to install a public amenities facility at Glenfields Neighbourhood Park. The construction of the amenities facility is scheduled for the 2020/2021 financial year. If the community approves of the project it will be finalised by 30 June 2021.


For more information, please contact council's Project Officer on 07 5475 7272 or email