Project information

Council is planning to deliver playground equipment improvements in Kenilworth Town Park as part of council’s Infrastructure Renewal Program. The project team are seeking input from the community to help guide selection of the new playground equipment.

The renewal includes play equipment within the fenced toddler play area, as well as the digger and purple coloured comet spinner in the main play area.

Community engagement

The community were encouraged to ‘have your say’ by:

  • Providing feedback via the online Survey tab, and
  • Choosing what play equipment you'd like to see in the park using the Play Elements tab.

This indicated the community’s use and desires for the park and preference for the replacement playground equipment.

Submissions closed, Monday 11 April 2022.


Kenilworth Town Park is a district park located on the corner of Elizabeth and Charles Streets. The park has beautiful Bald Cyperus trees, a large playground (with smaller fenced toddler play area), picnic shelters, BBQs, and toilets. This park offers a variety of different recreational opportunities for locals and visitors.

As a district level park, Kenilworth Town Park plays a key role in its rural setting. The park provides a green space for our community and visitors to socialise and enjoy time outdoors together. Parks like this can also serve the town economically by providing space for community activities, and a place for travellers to rest and relax outdoors.

Where to from here

The ideas and feedback received in this engagement were used to develop a design for the playground renewal. Construction works were completed in 2023.


To contact Council's project team please email or call (07) 5475 7272.


Play Elements

What projects would you like to fund?

The renewal includes the following list of play equipment (refer to below photos):

  • boat
  • comet
  • digger
  • starfish rocker
  • helicopter
  • kangaroo
  • multi-play
Existing equipment to be removed