Project Information

Council invited the Maleny community feedback on a refreshed streetscape concept plan for Maple Street. The plan has been developed in collaboration with the community.

Overall we heard there is strong support for the proposed streetscape improvements and the community feel that the design reflects the community’s values and vision for Maple Street. Thank you for everyone who shared their feedback and ideas since 2022.

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Where to from here

Feedback received during community engagement is being used to inform the development of the streetscape design. Detailed design is underway. We look forward to releasing the community’s vision next year along with construction timing.


Placemaking is about understanding what is special and important about a place today, creating a vision for the future, and involving the community to continue to shape it through design and ongoing use.

The project aimed to strengthen Maleny’s main street and its ‘sense of place’ so that it can continue to be a place that is loved by residents, cared and invested in by businesses and valued as a destination.

As part of this, Council sought feedback from the community to understand the key areas of Maple Street which need improvement, and if the concept design needs any updating to meet the values and vision of the community.

Council will now review this feedback and report back to community to close the loop and move into the detailed design phase of the Maple Street upgrade. This will involve various technical investigations and reporting.

Maple Street Streetscape Concept Plan - Improvement Ideas


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View the results of both phases of community engagement and learn about the final design concept.