Project Information

Maleny’s much-loved Maple Street has been selected to continue minor placemaking streetscape improvements in 2023.

Council has been working with the Maleny community to re-set the Maleny Placemaking project since the 2005 inception with the delivered streetscape works to date.

Community engagement: Review and Refresh

Council asked for community’s feedback to understand the key areas of Maple Street which need minor improvement and if the previous Maleny Streetscape Concept Plan 2005 needed any updating to meet the values and vision of the community.

Following the ‘Review and Refresh’ consultation held from 18 July to 15 August 2022, Council has identified key priorities for the Placemaking project in coordination with community sentiment and feedback provided on the Maleny Streetscape Diagram (2022).

More than 200 residents, business owners and visitors provided feedback with 198 surveys completed, three pop-up sessions, a community forum as well as speaking with 85 community members.

The community identified the following aspects of streetscape in order of highest priority being;

  1. Seating / places to meet
  2. Footpaths / Accessibility
  3. Parking / Traffic
  4. Trees
  5. Local Businesses
  6. Maleny Lane

This is what we heard: function, comfort and safety


  • Footpath Improvements and rationalise paving materials
  • Improved pedestrian crossings with additional pedestrian crossing to the western entrance to Maple Street
  • Places to gather and meet, engage in activities such as music and the arts


  • Additional Seating preferably at 60m intervals as recommended by the Access All Ways DDA Report
  • Gathering spaces along Maple Street with two additional gathering spaces identified to potentially be located at the corner of Fig Street and the corner of Myrtle Street
  • Additional Shade trees and street planting (mitigate Urban Heat Island Effects)


  • Improved Pedestrian crossings and traffic calming
  • Improved Street lighting
  • Footpath improvements

Where to from here

The ideas and feedback received from this round of engagement will directly inform Council’s Placemaking team about the community’s priority for the placemaking streetscape improvements.

Additional funding has been identified with further opportunities being explored to support the key priorities identified by the community.

Council will be seeking further community feedback on the refined concept design in the coming months.


Community engagement for the previous Maleny Streetscape Concept Plan (2005) was undertaken from 2001 to 2005. Feedback from the engagement revealed that the character of the streetscape upgrade should be unique to Maleny and incorporate the artistic, rural, historical, cooperative and organic nature of the community.

Part of the streetscape construction works were undertaken in 2010 and outcomes were:

  • The new roundabout entrance
  • The Teak Street intersection including pavement from Tesch Park
  • A safer pedestrian crossing
  • The area with seating in front of the Community Hall
  • The area in front of Cooke Park

These works represent the first stage of streetscape works completed in 2010

Placemaking involves the community in the design and management of public spaces to help create a “sense of place”, or unique identity for a town.

It’s about improving public spaces to strengthen Maleny as a destination and encourage the community and local businesses to invest in events, local shops and enjoy improved natural assets.


If you would like to stay up to date with the project or seek more information, please contact Council’s Placemaking team via email: