Project Overview

Sunshine Coast Council is excited to announce plans for the renewal of the Maleny skate park in 2024/2025. With input from the local community, council aims to provide a high quality and contemporary facility that will become a key recreational and social hub for the youth of our region and broader community of the Sunshine Coast.

Council is presenting three options for community feedback which will inform which direction the final layout should take. This process is a direct continuation of earlier community engagement about the future of the Maleny skate park undertaken in 2015.

For more information about the location, go to the Maleny Showgrounds Website.

Community Engagement

Council is seeking input from people who use Maleny Skate and BMX facility and the broader Sunshine Coast community.

Community input will help Council to finalise the design of the Maleny Skate and BMX facility.

Council invites you to view the different design options and share your feedback in the online survey below by 5pm 30 September 2023.

Design Options

In the earlier phase of consultation, we asked about your skill level and preferred features to inform the design process. This resulted in a final skate park layout which was presented to the community in 2015.

As several years has passed since this plan was completed, we are once again seeking community input to ensure that the final skate park layout meets the current needs of the community.

The skill level for all three options is suited to an intermediate skill level which will create an environment that everyone can enjoy.

Design Option A (2015 layout)

Option A is a street style park which was designed in response to community input in 2015. Minor revisions to the layout have been undertaken based on the prior feedback received to bring it more in line with the other proposed options.

Design Option B (Flow)

Option B is still a street style park but with more of a flow orientated layout which will suit users that are more comfortable skating transition than street. The design has elements that suit beginner and intermediate riders but still includes less obvious lines that more advanced riders will be able to take advantage of. Design options B and C both include more waiting and watching spaces. The design and being almost rectangular utilises the maximum footprint of the available site.

Design Option C (Street)

Option C is a variation of design option B except with a more street leaning layout. Some of the skate lines will function the same in both options, but the skill level and trick style will vary. As design options B and C are quite similar in terms of configuration it will provide the opportunity to easily swap elements between the options based on the community feedback to fine-tune the final layout.

Council invites you to share your feedback on the concept designs for the Maleny skate park renewal before 30 September 2023 by completing the online survey below.

To view the current Sunshine Coast skate and BMX Plan click here

Next Steps

Council with review the information received from the community and provide a summary of the information collected which will inform the final skate park layout.
The final design will be presented back to the community late 2023 with construction planned in 2024/2025.


If you require more information, please contact Council’s design team via the email: Or fill in your details below to receive email updates on the Maleny skate park renewal project.