Project Overview

Thank you for providing feedback on shaping Maleny Skate Park Renewal project between September 5 and September 30, 2023.

Council aims to provide a high quality and contemporary facility that will become a key recreational and social hub for the youth of our region and broader community of the Sunshine Coast.

Three options were presented for community feedback which has informed the final layout. This process is a direct continuation of earlier community engagement about the future of the Maleny skate park undertaken in 2015.

Sunshine Coast Council announced plans for the renewal of the Maleny skate park in 2024/2025.

For more information about the location, go to the Maleny Showgrounds Website.

Next Steps

A final concept layout has been completed with design direction taken from the detailed feedback received as well as direct advice from local skate park experts.

The design specifics will continue to be refined as part of the final design process to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved for our community.

Construction is planned for the 2024/25 financial year.


If you require more information, please contact Council’s design team via the email: Or fill in your details below to receive email updates on the Maleny skate park renewal project.

To view the current Sunshine Coast skate and BMX Plan click here

Community Engagement

Council sought input from people who use Maleny Skate and BMX facility and the broader Sunshine Coast community.

Three different concept design options were presented:

The community were invited to view the three different concept design options and complete an online survey.

A pop-up engagement activity was also held at the Maleny Skate and BMX facility on 29 September 2023, which provided an opportunity for council staff to hear directly from users of the facility.

The engagement results show Design Option B had majority support, closely followed by Design Option C.

Final Design

Based on the engagement findings, expert and technical skate park advice, the following key trends were captured which has informed the layout of the final concept design.

Final concept design includes:

  • Symmetry of elements for better frontside/backside use.
  • Practical use of space to provide less clash points whilst allowing multiple lines to function at once.
  • Classic skate elements that everyone can use instead of progressive elements. A concrete mini ramp and hip’s a must.
  • Variation of element sizes to allow for progression for beginners including low grind ledge and rails.
  • More flow in the design that will cater for BMX and scooters users for a well-rounded experience for all users.
  • Waiting zones for users to set up for tricks or wait for a gap in the skate traffic.
  • Additional watching and seating spaces creates more gathering spaces for the community. New drinking fountain with bottle fill will also be provided.

View the final design