Project Information

‘Have we got it right’ - Phase 2 consultation North Arm Park

Council has prepared a draft Landscape Concept Plan for North Arm Park, North Arm and is seeking community input to help direct the plan.

As part of Phase 3 ‘Have we got it right?’ the project team are seeking further feedback from the community to create a park that aligns with their visions and better understand what type of play equipment should be installed in the first stage of construction.


Council asked the community for feedback on the draft landscape concept plan which was developed from the ideas and feedback provided in the first stage of engagement.

In April 2022, Council engaged with the North Arm community to understand what you love about North Arm Park and what can be improved. As part of phase one community engagement, a total of 81 surveys and multiple conversations were completed to gain an understanding of what the community loves about North Arm Park and what can be improved.

Community engagement

In April 2022, the community was invited to share their thoughts and vision for North Arm Park.

The results are as follows:

Survey results

Where to from here

Following community feedback, the landscape concept plan will be finalised and published on council’s website.

Design of the new play space is scheduled to take place this financial year 2022/2023.

Council will keep the community updated as the project progresses.


To contact Council’s project team please email or call

(07) 54757272.


Please review the concept design below before answering the following questions

Play Elements

Park Upgrade - Stage 1

What elements would you like to fund?

The renewal includes the following list of play equipment (refer to below photos)

  • Slide
  • Springer
  • Swings
  • Seesaw
  • Spinning disk
  • Spinning bike

The flying fox will be retained.