Project information

Council is preparing a Landscape Concept Plan for North Arm Park, North Arm and is seeking community input to help direct the plan.


The community's comments and ideas will help develop a Landscape Concept Plan for North Arm Park. The plan will include analysis of the existing park, opportunities and constraints, community ideas and values for the park, as well as potential costs and staging of works.

Community engagement

The community were encouraged to ‘have their say' and put forward their ideas on how the park should be designed by completing an online survey and participating in a community consultation event on 9 April 2022.


North Arm Park is a hidden gem in the foothills of the hinterland. Located on Bunya and Monak Roads, the 2.8 hectare park offers a variety of different recreational opportunities for locals and visitors.

As a district level park, North Arm Park plays a key role in its rural setting in providing a green space for our community to socialise and enjoy time outdoors together. Parks like this can also serve the town economically, providing space for activities such as markets, and a place for travellers to rest and relax outdoors.

Recognising the importance of North Arm Park to the community, Council has allocated funding in 2023 and 2025 for the upgrades for the playground and toilet facilities (subject to future capital works approval and the final Landscape Concept Plan).

Where to from here

The ideas and feedback received in the first stage of engagement will be used to develop the park landscape concept plan. The community will then be able to provide further feedback in the next stages of engagement.


To contact Council’s project team please email or call

(07) 54757272.