Project information


Sunshine Coast Council is committed to creating and preserving spaces and parks that enhance the natural character of the Sunshine Coast's environment.

The land on the corner of Peachester Road and High Street, Peachester is a wonderful natural local park for the community to enjoy with shade trees, a natural creek and grassy open spaces.

Council is planning to develop a Landscape Concept Plan for the local level park and sought community input into the design and development of the park, to best meet the current and future needs of the local community.


The Peachester Park Community Reference Group have championed early stages of the park development; including assisting in having the site transferred to Council control from the Queensland Government land.

The group also collaborated with Council sharing their ideas on how the park could be developed including park design principles, planting areas, embellishments and development of the Schematic Concept Plan for the park.

The Schematic Concept Plan has a strong emphasis on protecting the natural beauty of the site and developing a nature-based experience for park users.

Community engagement

Council sought feedback from the greater Peachester community on the ideas proposed in the Schematic Concept Plan and welcomes additional ideas to ensure the park becomes an inclusive space for all to enjoy.

View the Schematic Concept Plan below.

Schematic Concept Plan

Where to from here

Community feedback will be collated in May 2022. A summary report will be provided on Council’s website.

The survey results and feedback will be used to develop the Landscape Concept Plan for Peachester Park.