Project information


Sunshine Coast Council is committed to creating and preserving spaces and parks that enhance the natural character of the Sunshine Coast's environment.

The land on the corner of Peachester Road and High Street, Peachester is a wonderful natural local park for the community to enjoy with shade trees, a natural creek and grassy open spaces.


The Peachester Park Community Reference Group have championed early stages of the park development; including assisting in having the site transferred to Council control from the Queensland Government land.

The group also collaborated with Council sharing their ideas on how the park could be developed including park design principles, planting areas, embellishments, and development of the Schematic Concept Plan for the park.

Community engagement

In April 2022, Sunshine Coast Council asked the community to ‘Have your say’ on what infrastructure they would like to see in Howard Walker Park (formally Peachester Park).

Council sought feedback from the greater Peachester community on the ideas proposed in the Schematic Concept Plan and welcomed additional ideas to ensure the park becomes an inclusive space for all to enjoy.

The results are as follows:

A full summary of the feedback from the community can be found via the link below.

Howard Walker Park community consultation summary report

Where to from here

The ideas and feedback received during the engagement have been used to develop The Howard Walker Park Landscape Concept Plan. The concept plan will be used to form future funding bid for the staged implementation of the park.

To view the full landscape report click the link below.

Howard Walker Park Landscape Concept Plan