Project Overview

At Sunshine Coast Council’s December 14 Ordinary Meeting, Council agreed to endorse an amended local law for animal management at Point Cartwright.

The local law amendments follow the endorsement of the Point Cartwright Reserve and La Balsa Park Master Plan in August 2023.

To balance the needs of our community, environment and cultural heritage, Council has endorsed the decision to incorporate a second, timed, dog off leash area at the northern beach area, commonly known as ‘Carties Beach’.

This arrangement is temporary and will be in effect until 30 June 2025. The amendment is in response to community feedback and allows Council to undertake a broader Sunshine Coast wide assessment of Dog Exercise Areas.

The changes to animal management requirements at Point Cartwright Reserve include:

  • Pathway from La Balsa Park along Half Moon Bay to the northern beach area:

The existing timed (4pm to 8am) “dog off-leash” area to be changed to “dog on-leash” at all times.

  • Northern Beach 196 to 196T (new temporary access):

The existing timed (4pm to 8am) “dog off-leash” area amended to only Mondays to Fridays inclusive; and changed to “dog on-leash” at all other times; and dogs prohibited in this area on weekends.

  • Northern Beach from 196T onto and around rocky foreshore:

The existing timed (4pm to 8am) “dog off-leash” area to be changed to a “dogs-prohibited” area.

  • Eastern rocky foreshore onto Buddina Beach:

The existing “dog off-leash at all times” to be changed to “dogs-prohibited”.

  • Point Cartwright Reserve

The existing timed (4pm to 8am) “dog off-leash” area to be changed to “dogs on-leash at all times” in some areas and “dogs-prohibited” in other areas.

The existing “off-leash at all times” area to be changed to “dogs on-leash at all times” in some areas, and “dogs-prohibited” in other areas.

  • Buddina Beach

The existing “dog off-leash at all times” area to remain in place.

  • Dunes along Buddina Beach

Will be “dogs-prohibited” areas. Access to the pathways and beach access to be “dogs on-leash”.

  • La Balsa Park

The neighbouring La Balsa Park remains a dog on-leash area.

This proposed arrangement seeks to strike a balance between reasonable community expectations, environmental preservation and long-term sustainability.

Further details on the proposed amendments are highlighted in the below:

Have your Say

Community consultation was undertaken between 25 September to 30 October 2023. We thank you again for providing further feedback on the proposed amendments.

Council received 1720 submissions – this is the greatest number of submissions received for a local law making consultation process.

Of the respondents, 73 per cent disagreed with the proposed amendment and 27 per cent agreed.

Your submissions and feedback were considered by Councillors and made public through a Council report at the 14 December 2023 Council Ordinary Meeting. Personal information has been redacted.

Submissions were made by:

Next Steps

Council officers will undertake a staged education, communication, and regulation program to support the community in understanding the new changes.

This completes community engagement for the Point Cartwright local law making process.


  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    21 September 2023

    Council Ordinary Meeting proposal to make amendments to Local Laws.

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    25 September - 30 October 2023

    Community Consultation

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    December 14 2023 Council Ordinary Meeting

    Report back to Council following community consultation.

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