A community group has submitted a naming proposal to name a reserve not officially named on Sugar Bag Road / Mark Road, Caloundra West.

Proposed name

Sugar Bag Recreation Reserve


The proposed name relates to the recreation activities undertaken in the reserve and acknowledges the neighbouring road of Sugar Bag representing the flowering trees in the area which wild bees used to extract pollen and made their hives in. It was known as an area where honey could be obtained by early Caloundra residents.


Land Parcels: 743 SP262587, Lot 391 CG2376 & Lot 2 SP262587

Sugar Bag Road / Mark Road, Caloundra West


Naming proposals are processed in accordance with the endorsed Naming of Parks, Places, Community Infrastructure, Roads and Street Numbering Policy.

Submissions closed 24 January 2022.

Where to from here

Feedback received from the public notice will be reviewed and evaluated with applicant and respondents notified of the outcome.