This survey has now closed.

Thank you for taking the time to consider the proposal for a public pontoon at Brightwater and provide your views.


The results were:

  • Option A: public pontoon at Brampton Crescent 40.1%
  • Option B: public pontoon at Quota Hideaway Park 18%
  • Option C: no new public pontoon 41.9%

After reviewing feedback for the three options council has decided to proceed with Option C – no new public pontoon for Brightwater.

Future plans

Council is currently in the process of developing a network plan across the Sunshine Coast for non-motorised watercraft which will include recommendations for recreational access points. It will align with both council’s broader open space planning and current state led motorised watercraft facilities. Once finalised, this network planning will inform the construction and funding of future facilities. The plan will not suggest or recommend a future facility at Brampton Crescent noting recent feedback on the project.

A note from local Division 6 Councillor Christian Dickson

It’s clear from the results that the community is divided on the project which reinforces the feedback that I personally received. I have discussed this matter with staff and I have made the decision not to construct any new public pontoon. I have spoken to the Brightwater Community Association, who have advised they accept the wishes of the community. Whilst this may not be the news some of you wanted, I am pleased to advise that some of the funds can be used for other projects in area. I look forward to sharing details of these with you in the future. Thank you again for taking the time to submit your views. Christian Dickson.

Request for community feedback on a Brightwater Public Pontoon

In response to Brightwater community requests, council investigated the option to install a new public pontoon in the Brightwater estate for the local community to use to launch kayaks and other non-motorised watercraft, and for fishing.

The available locations were narrowed it down to three options.

A summary of each location which outlines the current situation and what would need to happen in order for that location to proceed was provided for community consideration.


Option A - Pontoon at Brampton Crescent, Mountain Creek

Site review

  • This location had been earmarked for a pontoon since the Brightwater development was proposed by Stockland, and as such the site had been designed for this purpose requiring few upgrades from council to proceed.
  • Queensland Police Service (QPS) had been consulted and advised that the proposal has good sight lines for monitoring from nearby homes and pathways. They noted Brampton Crescent already has several other private pontoons. QPS asked council about night access and council advised no night time use lighting was planned, however a small navigation light must be provided by law, this will be low impact and is not designed as public lighting to encourage use. They also suggested robust materials to combat any vandalism that may occur in the future.
  • Safe access pathway already exists.
  • Toilets close by, 150 metres away.
  • No car parking.

In order to proceed

  • Required Development Permit for Operational Works (Prescribed Tidal Works - Pontoon) is in place.
  • Pontoon design is complete.
  • Five new carparks will be built.
  • Funding of $115k is available to build the pontoon and five new car parks.
  • Installation can start this financial year.

Timeframe for installation: as soon as required.

Pontoon Design

Option B - Pontoon at Quota Hideaway Park, Cootamundra Drive, Mountain Creek

Site review

Council assessment determined that a public pontoon could be installed at this location, however for this to happen there would need to be significant upgrades to Quota Hideaway Park for community safety and accessibility as there is currently:

  • No safe access pathway
  • No toilets close by
  • No formalised car parking.
  • Not enough funding is currently available for this option.
  • QPS has advised that this location, with less public visibility, could attract unwanted attention and anti-social behaviour.

In order to proceed

  • Project would be subject to approval from the Queensland Government for the Development Permit for Operational Works (Prescribed Tidal Works - Pontoon).
  • Pontoon design would need to be re-engineered.
  • Park infrastructure needs to be upgraded to include indented car parking, a new pathway leading to the pontoon and the pathway upgraded over Cootamundra Bridge.
  • In order to proceed with this option, the project needs to be considered as part of the 10 year capital works program to seek the required funding of approximately $250k to build the pontoon, pathway, toilet and new car parks.

Timeframe for installation: Subject to consideration as part of council’s 10- year capital works program.

Option CDon’t build any new public pontoon in and around the Brightwater Estate.

Council should do nothing. Brightwater doesn’t need a public pontoon.


For more information email referencing the project name Brightwater Public Pontoon.