Sunshine Coast Council is proposing to establish an ecological park in the hinterland on 65 hectares adjoining Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve.

The project provides an opportunity to create a unique ecological park, inspired by the beautiful natural environment and expand accessible green space on the Sunshine Coast.

What is an ecological park? It is a type of park that will support nature-based recreation, education, and research, whilst protecting, celebrating, and restoring the sites inherent environmental, natural, and cultural heritage values.

The vision for the ecological park is:

To create a place of cherished nature and ecological wonder for generations to discover and enjoy.

Proposed site for the Sunshine Coast Ecological Park.

Proposed site for the Sunshine Coast Ecological Park.

Community engagement

The Sunshine Coast ecological park project has three community engagement stages throughout the planning phase (see project timeline).

As part of Stage 1, community members were invited to share their ideas and test the vision and values of the project.

Feedback has informed the development of three themes and associated emerging strategies (see below):

  • Recreation and wellness
  • Ecology and restoration
  • Research, education and culture.

For more information on Stage 1 findings click here.

The Stage 2 community engagement period closed on 14 September 2022. This stage involved sharing, testing, and seeking feedback on the preliminary ideas and activities.

Where to from here

Feedback provided during Stage 2 will help inform a draft master plan for the proposed ecological park, a summary of feedback will be available on Council’s website.

Community feedback will be sought in early 2023 on the draft master plan.

Draft Concept

From the ideas and feedback provided in the first stage of engagement, a draft concept has been developed for the Sunshine Coast ecological park.

Draft Concept Plan


Please complete this short survey to let us know what you think of the strategies, features and draft concept.

Interactive Map

Interactive Map

During the Stage 2 engagement period, an interactive map was used to shows the draft concept and features for the ecological park. Feedback was shared via the interactive map.