Project Overview

The Sunshine Coast Council is proposing to establish an ecological park in the hinterland

What is an ecological park? It is a type of park that will support nature-based recreation, education and research, whilst protecting, celebrating and restoring the sites inherent environmental, natural and cultural heritage values.

The vision for the ecological park is to create a place of cherished nature and ecological wonder for generations to discover and enjoy.

Community engagement

As part of Stage 1 of the project, communmity members were invited to share your ideas and help plan for the creation of a cherished ecological park on the Sunshine Coast.

Further engagement will occur as part of Stage 2. Stage 2 engagement is to commence on 25 August 2022.

The ecological park will be inspired by the beautiful natural environment and will strengthen and expand accessible green space for all residents and visitors to the Sunshine Coast.


The location and size of this land will enable a range of activities to protect and restore environmental and cultural values whilst providing for a variety of nature-based and outdoor recreation opportunities, social community spaces and education and research opportunities.

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Map of the location of the Sunshine Coast Ecological Park.

location and current condition of the ecological park: restoring the landscape will be a long-term opportunity to embrace

Where to from here

The information gathered form the Sunshine Coast community, will help to inform and guide the planning for the new park.

There will be three engagement stages throughout the planning process.

Stage 1: Information sharing and gathering to help the project team develop and understand what experiences and activities residents think are important. Completed: May 2022.

Stage 2: Sharing, testing and seeking feedback on the ideas and preliminary activities with the community and stakeholders. Stage 2 is proposed to begin on 25 August 2022.

Stage 3: Presenting the draft master plan for public comment. Stage 3 is proposed to begin in early 2023.


The vision for the ecological park is underpinned by six important values which will guide the planning, design and delivery phases.

We would like you to help us explore what is most important to you now and in the future in relation to these six values.

Tell us to what degree you agree or disagree with these potential experiences, activities and ideas being included in the ecological park (or add you own ideas) to achieve the vision.