What is racism?

The Australian Human Rights Commission explains racism, with the following:

Racism takes many forms and can happen in many places. It includes prejudice, discrimination or hatred directed at someone because of their colour, ethnicity or national origin.

People often associate racism with acts of abuse or harassment. However, it doesn’t need to involve violent or intimidating behaviour. Take racial name-calling and jokes. Or consider situations when people may be excluded from groups or activities because of where they come from.

Racism can be revealed through people’s actions as well as their attitudes. It can also be reflected in systems and institutions. But sometimes it may not be revealed at all. Not all racism is obvious.

Racism is more than just words, beliefs and actions. It includes all the barriers that prevent people from enjoying dignity and equality because of their race.”

What does it mean to be anti-racist?

We have all been indoctrinated into a racist way of thinking and we must choose to challenge our own biases and privilege and educate ourselves to become anti-racist.

Anti-racists commit to #DoTheWork to reduce racism in our communities and within ourselves.

Being ‘not racist’ is not doing anything, being ‘anti-racist’ is actively doing the work and becoming an ally to someone who faces racism.

How do I become an ally?

An ally is someone who does not experience racism but is committed to standing alongside those who do.

To become an ally is to commit to #DoTheWork and stand up to racism when you see it in our community.

To read more about how you can become an ally, visit Amnesty International who offer free guides on how to become an Anti-Racism Ally and how to Raise an Anti-Racism Ally.

Australian Human Rights Commission also provide a number of resources and tools to help you become a good ally.

Resources and tools to help you #DoTheWork

There are many toolkits, fact sheets and other resources available to help individuals, schools and business understand and fight racism.

Racism. It Stops with Me - resources for individuals, businesses, schools and sporting clubs to learn about racism and how to address it.

Altogether Now - learn about the impacts of racism and download the Everyday racism app where over the course of one week, you’ll receive texts, images and videos that will challenge you and your assumptions.

Challenging Racism Project - view educational videos on how to respond to racism safely and effectively.

Reach Out - information about how to look after someone experiencing racism.

RU OK- resources, strategies, and educational tools on how to check in with others going through a difficult time.

Racism No Way - anti-racism education and resources to assist teachers to integrate intercultural understanding across the curriculum.

Australian Human Rights Commission - information about race discrimination, curent publications and guides, including the National Anti-Racism Framework and the Workplace Cultural Diversity Tool.

Amnesty International Australia - guides to becoming anti-racist and current social justice campaigns.

United Nations FIGHT Racism - take their tests to check your assumptions and confront your biases and stereotypes.

SBS Cultural Atlas - providing comprehensive information on the cultural background of Australia’s migrant populations.

Search ‘racism’ on the following free streaming services and view documentaries, movies and programs to help you learn more.

If you have experienced or seen a racist incident, you can let the Queensland Human Rights Commission know by filling out an online form, this can be done anonymously.