Shine a Light on Racism Patrons

Caroline Hutchinson OAM

Breakfast Announcer 92.7 Mix FM

"Our diversity makes us more interesting, everyone is welcome and we need to shout that from the roof tops."

Ashley Robinson

Ashley Robinson OAM

General Manager Alex Surf Club

"Community is a big part of my life ... I care about this issue and want to be a part of making change for the better."

Vicki Qiu

Vicki Qiu

Registered Nurse

"My main motivation for change is my children… I want to advocate change in racism to create a better life for them."

Walters Nkemfack

Walter Nkemfack

Member of African Diaspora Sunshine Coast

"It is important to me that people see and understand the psychological impact racism has on the community."

Christine Thomas

Christine Thomas

Cygnet Centre for Peacebuilding & Transformation

"Until we can talk openly and safely about the truth of racism ... we will be unable to act in ways that address racism at its roots."

Peppi Bueti

Peppi Bueti

Director Sunny Communications

"I believe everyone has a responsibility to become anti-racist. I’m sure over the years I’ve said and done some things that I would frown upon now."

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