Sunshine Coast Council is investigating plans for a new Dog Exercise Area (DEA) in Yandina and has asked the community how it feels about this idea.

Community Engagement

In Yandina, six sites were identified as suitable.

1.Wonga Park (Fenced)

2.Tea Tree Park 1 (Fenced)

3.Tea Tree Park 2 (Fenced)

4.Stevens Street Reserve (Fenced)

5.Christina Low Park (Unfenced)

6.Koongalba Street Park (Unfenced)

Please refer to image below for identified location of sites.

The online survey for the proposal of a DEA at Yandina has now closed, and council is assessing the results. Council will provide a project update once a preferred location is identified.

Where to from here

Community feedback received during this engagement phase will help Council determine the community demand and best location for a dog exercise area at Yandina.

The construction of the proposed DEA has not been scheduled. If the community supports the project, it will be developed in stages subject to detailed design and funding availability in future financial years.

Council is committed to providing high quality open space that supports active and healthy communities and we look forward to working together to get the best outcome for Yandina.


Dog exercise areas (DEAs) are activity spaces provided to promote social and physical health for dogs and their owners. DEA’s may be fenced or unfenced and may include the following, depending on the selected site:

  • 1.2 metre high, black chain wire fence with two self-closing access gates (if fenced)
  • catering for dogs of various sizes
  • park shelter and shaded seating
  • water tap with dog bowl
  • concrete access paths
  • dog bag dispensers and rubbish bin/signage
  • shade tree planting.

Please see PDF for a DEA design example.

Additional off-street parking is not being considered; facility users will need to park on-street or be within walking distance of the DEA.

Existing nearby dog exercise areas

There are three Dog Exercise Areas (DEA) within a 10-minute drive of Yandina: