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Between 30 March and 20 May 2022, Sunshine Coast Youth Council spoke to local young people about:

  • What’s important to you
  • What concerns you
  • How you prefer to have your voice heard
  • Your ideas to make the Sunny Coast better

What's Next?

Youth Council will:

  • Prioritise all feedback for action
  • Advocate for what we heard from you

What is the Sunshine Coast Youth Council?

44,150 young people (12-24 years) live on the Sunshine Coast, representing 15% of our population (2016 census data). The Youth Council aims to represent the views of Sunshine Coast young people.

The aim of the Youth Council is to advocate for issues and ideas that relate to young people and collectively deliver on activities and projects that support or celebrate the youth of the region.

Who is listening

Sandy Bensaci

Sunshine Coast Council

Sandy is a Community Development Officer who coordinates the Youth Council. Sandy will be listening to your comments and suggestions.

Sunshine Coast Youth Council

Current Youth Council Members

We will be listening to your needs so we can advocate for what is important for other young people on the Sunshine Coast.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or want to learn more about this project, please get in touch:

Name Sandy Bensaci, Sunshine Coast Council
Phone (07) 5475 7272

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