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Project Update

Sunshine Coast Council undertook early planning to improve Cotton Tree Park, Maroochydore. This project responded to the need for a guiding document that addresses Council’s long-term planning for this site.

Our design team has carefully assessed all feedback, survey results and input as well as undertaking ongoing investigations to develop the plan. The engagement for this project included the following:

Infographic showing 300 Survey Responses, 50000 People Reached and 35 Email Enquires

We heard that you love the park the way it is but would welcome some changes to address identified issues, including:

  1. Shade and trees: Additional shade trees is regarded as a top priority, with a strong emphasis on protecting existing trees and adding more shade trees along pathways and near park furniture.
  2. Parking and public spaces: Car parking is a significant concern, with a shortage of spaces highlighted. However, public open space is highly valued, requiring Council to achieve a delicate balance for Cotton Tree Park.
  3. Beach access: The car park near the jetty is used by individuals with mobility impairments to access the beach and river. It is considered important that Council retain this car park.
  4. Pathway improvements: Pathway improvements, especially at road and driveway crossings, would be welcomed by the community. A pedestrian crossing on Cotton Tree Parade and pathway improvements near the Boat Shed are a priority.
  5. Preservation of Character: The community love the park the way it is and preserving the existing character of the park is crucial. Any future enhancements must be respectful and reflect the existing park character.
  6. Lighting: Addressing lack of lighting at Black Swan Park is a recognised concern. Any new lighting must not impact nearby shorebird habitat or nearby residential units.
  7. Active recreation: The existing basketball courts are very popular but at times the activity produces excessive noise to the surrounding residents. This activity and any additional active recreation activity should be considerate of noise impacts.

Click here for the Community Engagement Summary Report.

Next steps

While these improvements are not currently included in Council’s 10-year Capital Works Program, the feedback will help us prioritise improvements and guide future grant applications and/or funding opportunities.


Share your ideas

Share your ideas

Once you complete the survey please use the Ideas Board below to share your ideas for improvements to

Cotton Tree Park.

Your ideas will be posted publicly providing the opportunity for others to vote on each idea.

Ideas Board

What is your idea?

12 December, 2022

anna says:

Change location of new pedestrian crossing to less risk/safer location in front of Argyle Apartments.- away from multiple car entry/exits et

11 December, 2022

Barbara says:

The aquatic centre is in desperate need of an upgrade. There are not enough toilets. The showers do not have any privacy& do not meet demand

11 December, 2022

Rockin Rob says:

More shade & picnic tables yes, but not at expense of car parking spaces. More parking not less

10 December, 2022

Ollie says:

Car parking (& bike stations etc) must be increased. Please include dog hydration & wash stations. & Beach equipment (eg kayak) wash areas.

10 December, 2022

David says:

Only one comment. Please stop removing car parks! Increase accessibility not reduce it. A prime example is Mooloolaba foreshore.

9 December, 2022

Ken O'Connell says:

I support the council initiative in the enhancement of Cotton Tree Park. I cannot support removal of the existing necessary car spaces.

8 December, 2022

Skimmink says:

I think there is plenty of parkland , loosing any car parks would be a bad idea . Hard enough to park now.

8 December, 2022

malcolm herbert says:

Clean up and modernize approach to Boatshed Restaurant . Screen pumping and storage area of swimming pool. Additional shower areas

7 December, 2022

Don Currell says:

Bikes and E scooters race through this area and needs to be addressed. I E 10 KMS I've nearly been cleaned up, no bells, no sorry.

7 December, 2022

AlidaC says:

Safety for all on the shared pathway. Please separate those on foot from those on wheels. Cottesloe Beach in WA has managed this with lanes.

7 December, 2022

Alida says:

Safety for all on the shared pathway. Please separate those on foot from those on wheels. Cottesloe Beach in WA has managed this with lanes.

7 December, 2022

Bec says:

Many dog owners use the park, I'd love to see a dedicated water play feature and drinking station for the dogs, could be on-leash or fenced.