A vibrant new community and creative hub is visioned for the Sunshine Coast.

View the full length Create Caloundra – Have we got it right? video.

Community Engagement

In May and June 2021 'community engagement 2' we asked have we got it right, for the values, vision and design developed, from what we first heard in November and December 2020 'community engagement 1'. When we initially asked what you valued and envisioned for your Community + Creative Hub.

The 'community engagement 2' phase closed on 22 June 2021. The community were given an opportunity to provide feedback by completing the online survey or attending one of the pop-up sessions in person.

Council is now collating and translating the have we got it right feedback to updates and progression of the values, vision and concept design. This feedback will underpin the development and completion of the concept design. When the design is completed, the community will be invited to celebrate the outcome 'community engagement 3'. We then look forward to detailed design and construction (budget and approvals dependent).


The competition to win vouchers to The Events Centre and the Caloundra Regional Gallery, by completing the survey is now closed. Winners will be announced via direct contact, we wish all who entered good luck.


The Caloundra Community + Creative Hub seeks to create a public space precinct connecting The Events Centre, new Caloundra District Library, Caloundra Regional Gallery and town square through to Bulcock Beach.

The project area includes parks, public spaces and streetscapes within:

  • Felicity Park
  • Bill Venardos Park
  • Omrah Avenue
  • Otranto Avenue
  • Minchinton Street
  • Nutley Street
  • Bulcock Street
For more information on this project check out the Create Caloundra – Have we got it right?

The precinct will be brought to life with the community and creative uses and events. Let us know what you want to see and experience in your Community + Creative Hub.

Community Engagement

Previous community engagement

The second phase of engagement 'community engagement 2' asked if we Have got it right?

  • Have we heard your values correctly and which values are the most important?
  • Do you agree with it, or would you add more to the vision?
  • Is the Draft Concept Design what you picture?

Council is currently collating and translating this feedback.

In the first phase of engagement, Council invited the community to have their say on your values and vision for Create Caloundra - your place for arts, community and creativity from 9 November - 7 December 2020.

You told us how to make it your Community + Creative Hub and in February 2021 we shared what we heard in our project update.

Vision and Values

Community Engagement

'Community Engagement 1' Values and Vision videos