Project Update

Sunshine Coast Council undertook early planning for improvements at Jessica Park, Minyama. This project responded to the need for a guiding document that addresses Council’s long-term planning for this site. Our design team has carefully assessed all feedback, survey results and input as well as undertaking ongoing investigations to develop the plan. The engagement for this project included the following:

Recreation parks are at the heart of the Sunshine Coast’s diverse landscape, lifestyle offering and community.

They provide space for social, recreational and cultural activities. They connect people to nature and provide relief from the built environment. Council owns and maintains a diverse open space network providing green spaces that contribute to the social, environmental and economic health of our region.

This hierarchy of public open space identifies Jessica Park as a large green space destination within the district area. This reinforces the need for a thorough consideration of land use and programming within the park, to ensure that it can further develop its identity as a destination and a shared backyard for local residents and the wider community.

Guided by analysis of the park’s current uses, constraints and opportunities, Council has developed an initial vision for what the park could look like in the future. These improvements for the park aim to respond to current site issues, enhance the overall function and usability of the park, revitalise park amenities and facilities and look to meet the needs of the growing community.

You told us how to make it your park, and this is what we heard:

1. Improvements to the natural environment: Keep it green and relaxed while managing vegetation overgrowth, mitigate mosquitoes and maximise usable space in the natural environment.

2. Improvements to park Amenities: Add more seating areas, better restroom facilities, shelters and picnic spaces.

3. Improvements to park safety: Enhance lighting throughout the park, sightlines and passive surveillance through the proposed improvements.

4. Improvements to play spaces: Revamp the existing playground and create separate play areas for different age groups, and introduce inclusive play elements.

5. Improvements to active recreation: Upgrade the existing sports court to include additional activities and enhance the pathway circuit for better walking/jogging use.

6. Improvements to access: Enhance the park’s frontage and entry points as well as better accessibility for people of all abilities across the site’s pathway network

Key Areas

Below are a handful of artist impressions which include key areas of the park which incorporate what we heard that would form part of a reimagined Jessica Park.

The above are artistic impressions only - final outcomes and design are subject to further design investigations and funding.

These improvements are not yet part of Council's 10-year Capital Works Program for construction. Community feedback will help prioritise park improvements. It will also support potential future grant applications and funding opportunities. No funding commitments for construction form part of this process. Future funding and timing for construction is yet to be confirmed.

Click here for the Community Engagement Summary Report

Next Steps

While these improvements are not currently included in Council’s 10-year Capital Works Program, the feedback will help us prioritise improvements and guide future grant applications and/or funding opportunities.