Council would like to thank local residents for their valuable feedback regarding the installation of disc golf baskets at Meridan Downs District Park. As a result of survey findings and further discussion with stakeholders, the Sunshine Coast Disc Golf Club will commence a two year trial (with review after one year) for use of Meridan Downs District Park as a disc golf course.

Overview of Meridan Downs Park


Disc golf is a growing family-friendly, fun, all-inclusive sport and a course on the Sunshine Coast would provide a new recreational opportunity for the community in a safe, healthy outdoor environment. Meridan Downs Park has been identified as an ideal location for a nine-hole course. Council supports the installation of disc golf infrastructure in Meridan Downs Park for an initial three-year trial period and would like your feedback on the proposal.

If approved, Meridan Downs Park would still remain a vibrant open space for regular users to enjoy their normal leisurely activities, and the park will remain a dog off-leash area (this will not change in any way due to the installation of disc golf infrastructure).

The proposed disc golf course is not expected to impede on current recreational users, instead hoping to contribute to a strong and healthy community.

Disc golf course details

For the purpose of seeking community feedback, a course design for Meridan Downs Park has been developed through funding provided by council’s Community Grants Program.

The design features a nine-hole course that utilises the open, natural wooded areas of the park. The course orientates tee pads and baskets away from footpaths in order to avoid potential conflicts with other park users.

The course would require the installation of infrastructure including the following:

  • An information sign – outlining course map and rules
  • Tee signs – a sign at each launch point
  • Tee pads – fixed, flat in-ground marker or 1.5m x 2.5m concrete pad for each launch point
  • Disc catcher basket – fixed, aluminium disc baskets on steel posts.

Refer to the project news for additional course and location information.

Previous community engagement

Council previously invited comment on the proposed introduction of disc golf infrastructure in Meridan Downs Park. This initial community engagement period ran for a three-week period from 24/06/2020 – 17/07/2020.

Council sought feedback from the residents within the immediate vicinity of the park.

Council asked for further information in response to some concerns and queries raised through this initial consultation for the proposal. An initial three-year trial for the introduction of disc golf infrastructure in Meridan Downs Park was being proposed, and will be subject to review after this trial period.

Council received community feedback through an extension to the initial community engagement regarding the proposal for installation of disc golf infrastructure for a nine-hole course at Meridan Downs Park. A ‘Come & Try Day’ was held at the park on Saturday 12 December, 2020, which provided local residents with the opportunity to speak with members of the Sunshine Coat Disc Golf Club in relation to the proposal and have queries and concerns addressed.

An online survey was also run.


Disc golf is played with similar rules to that of traditional golf. Players throw a disc (looks like a frisbee) from a designated tee to an elevated metal basket to complete each “hole” in the least number of throws. The winner is determined by the player who completes the course in the fewest number of throws.

The sport is easy to learn regardless of age and ability, yet can be challenging to master. Disc golf is an inexpensive sport – a disc costs approximately $20.

Disc golf offers a new recreational opportunity for the community whilst providing an avenue for social interaction among people of all ages and abilities in a fun, safe and healthy outdoor environment.

Where to from here

Based on community consultation outcomes, in 2021, a trial period of two years (with a review after one year) commenced for use of Meridan Downs District Park as a disc golf course.