Project Information

Project phases

Community feedback has shaped the Marcoola Streetscape design and provided guidance on future construction priorities.

The Park and Streetscape Future Funding Plan has been finalised and in the short term, Council will be delivering various elements of the streetscape project.

The improvements include:

  • A new pram ramp on Marcoola Esplanade south alignment connecting businesses with the coastal pathway
  • A future street activation/street art project on Lorraine Avenue to engage community participation and collaboration
  • Additional kerb build outs and pram ramps on Lorraine Avenue adjacent Petrie Road along with connecting footpaths to improve safety and pedestrian amenity
  • Street tree planting and park/green space upgrades.

Medium and long terms works/upgrades to playground, park and amenities block have been earmarked as future works contingent on future available funds.

The Future Funding Plan includes the areas just north of the Marcoola Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC) at the Tamarindus Street intersection, through to the car park south of the Lorraine Avenue shops. Within this area is Felix Parry Park, and part of Lorraine Avenue. The project does not extend into the foreshore or foreshore vegetation or involve any private land.

Where to from here

Lorraine Avenue will be the first area to receive an upgrade, improvements are currently in design. Construction is expected to start in the 2023/24 financial year.

Further community updates will be provided closer to construction.

Medium and long terms works to the playground, park and amenities block has been earmarked as future works, contingent on available funds.

Future Funding Plan

The concept plan for future improvements maps out a holistic approach to the Marcoola precinct between the Marcoola Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC) and south of the business centre.

The area includes Tamarindus Street intersection, through to the car park south of the Lorraine Avenue shops, and within this area is Felix Parry Park.

The plan identifies areas and elements for short to long term improvements to the landscape, streetscape, pedestrian access and safety.

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Felix Parry Park and Open Green Space Upgrade

Re-alignment of the playground adjacent to the coastal path, and the incorporation of an environmentally themed education and play park, will optimise open green space for flexible use and pedestrian amenity. It will enhance the interface between the residential, coastal dune system and open space elements.

Before After

Improved Pedestrian Safety and Amenity

Several locations have been identified to include additional pedestrian refuges to improve pedestrian connectivity and safety crossing from the east (beach side) to the west (residential side).

Before After

View the Marcoola Park and Streetscape Future Funding Plan report for a comprehensive analysis of engagement activities. It also explains how feedback from the community has guided the concept plan and future staging of the project.

Community engagement

From June 2022 to July 2022 Council initiated Phase 3 of the Marcoola Placemaking project which aimed to gain community input and ideas to inform the Future Funding Plan.

This stage of engagement used a range of activities to engage the community to co-design the development of the plan and future of Marcoola, identifying priorities based on the previous stage of engagement.

Council has been working with the local community, businesses, and other stakeholders since early 2021 to gain ideas to guide the development of the Future Funding Plan.

We listened to the community and have developed the Park and Streetscape Future Funding Plan.

A summary of placemaking ideas was developed in line with the community’s ‘values and vision’;

  • Protect and value the environment
  • Retain and celebrate the Marcoola Vibe
  • Quality infrastructure and facilities that are accessible to all

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