We continue to be committed to transparent and honest engagement with the community throughout Stage Two. During this process partnerships and collaborations will be fostered to ensure as many voices are heard and acknowledged.

The role of the Stakeholder Interest Group is to provide a forum to share information between Council and the community. It is an opportunity to hear about the latest developments in the project and discuss any concerns or challenges.

The purpose of the Mooloolaba Stakeholder Interest Group is to:

  • Engage with local community/interest groups and residents around topics including the environment, beach, sporting and community facilities (not business related activity as this will be the purpose of the Business Activation Group)
  • Share information between the community and Council relevant to the Mooloolaba precinct and endorsed projects.
  • Provide a forum to bring local community groups and stakeholders together to share their program and projects relevant to the Mooloolaba precinct.
  • Identify opportunities which will benefit Mooloolaba precinct in the future.
  • Foster positive ongoing relationships between Mooloolaba stakeholders focussed on non-business activities within the Mooloolaba precinct.