Design Inspiration

Nambour is known and loved for being surrounded by rolling forested hills, and the town centre is framed by the beautiful Petrie Creek. The Place Plan design is a response to these natural assets and aims to bring them into the main streets creating a naturally beautiful, cool and inviting place to live, work and play.

Nambour’s cultural stories are intricately entwined with its landscape. The traditional and ongoing stories of the Kabi Kabi peoples and local First Nations community, and Nambour’s significant role in the emergence of the Sunshine Coast as a region, provide a wealth of inspiration for the concept design.

As the design progresses to more detail for construction, council will seek to incorporate local stories, cultural heritage, and contemporary creative culture into the streetscape.

The Draft Place Plan design is a response to a range of previous reports and planning, these include:

  • First Nations Cultural Heritage storytelling and report ongoing
  • Sunshine Coast Design Principles 2020
  • Nambour Place Analysis Report 2023
  • Draft Public Art Strategy 2023
  • Nambour Economic Transition Strategy 2020
  • Nambour Community Safety Review 2023
  • Place Score survey 2022
  • Walkability Network Planning 2023
  • Traffic network modelling and collaboration with DTMR ongoing
  • Cool Urban Forests research partnership ongoing

It is important to note that further engagement with the First Nations community is needed to further develop Indigenous stories for Nambour in this Plan.