Cultural Engagement

We commit to working in partnership with the Traditional Custodians and the broader First Nations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) community to support self-determination through economic and community development. Conversations regarding Nambour’s place name are ongoing.

Working alongside the local First Nations community, the Draft Place Plan has journeyed through experiences and consultation to understand the stories of this place. Led by Aunty Bridgette Chilli Davis, we continue to work collaboratively to ensure the cultural history of Nambour is carried throughout the design of the Draft Place Plan.


  • Yarning circle - A yarning circle organised alongside Aunty Bridgette Chilli Davis and the local First Nations community to share ideas to inform the Draft Place Plan in 2022. This included a smoking ceremony to welcome all to Nambour and promote continuous partnership.
  • Walk on Country - Immersing into the place, Bridgette Chilli Davis led a walk on Country along Petrie Creek / Goong’gal’ba to share the history of meeting places, song lines, watering holes, and significant sites in 2022.

Nambour (Namba) Place Plan Video

Community Representatives Engagement

The Place Plan builds upon the various planning documents that have been developed over the past 10 years. This includes the Nambour Activation Plan, and the Nambour Economic Transition Strategy produced by Reimagine Nambour.

During the early planning phase, Council has invited feedback from representative residents, community groups, businesses, the local First Nations community and key stakeholders to inform the development of the Draft Nambour (Namba) Place Plan.

Council’s aim is to ensure all previous engagement and work achieved is acknowledged and honored in this next phase of engagement. Previous feedback will now be built upon with the broader community feedback, expectations and values.

From March 2022, invited community representatives shared their values and future vision for Nambour’s town centre, including identifying key areas and precincts:

  • Think Tank Workshop #1 at the Old Ambo in March 2022 with key community and council stakeholders
  • Think Tank Workshop #2 at the Nambour RSL in January 2023 with key community and council stakeholders
  • Ongoing meetings with the Nambour Activation working group representing Reimagine Nambour, The Nambour Tram Company, Chamber of Commerce, Traders Assoc. and the Special Entertainment Precinct working group
  • Place Score survey in November/December 2022
  • Nambour Community Safety Research project community engagement in 2023
  • Nambour Walkability Network Plan community engagement in 2023

Previous projects and Activation Plan outcomes:

  • Nambour Forecourt Revamp project design and construction in 2021
  • Nambour Forecourt Live! events from 2021
  • ‘I am Nambour’ campaign and website: from 2023
  • Ongoing support for community activation initiatives including the Namba Street Fair

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have participated in the previous engagements with great enthusiasm. Your valuable feedback helped shape the Draft Place Plan.

A community workshop was held on 24 January 2023, to discuss the precinct design direction. The following notes were taken from those discussions and incorporated into the Draft Place Plan.

A community workshop was held on 1 March 2022 early in the planning process to check the vision and to ensure the project scope aligns with previous planning.

Place Score was engaged to capture the place performance of the town centre as experienced by its users. Place Score provides data for evidence-based decision making and provides a baseline to measure project outcomes against.