Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Options Analysis Report

Community engagement period has now finished. The next phase will be to review the feedback and analyse the findings received during the community engagement period.

Over 8 weeks during May and June 2021, Sunshine Coast Council has hosted over 50 community engagement activities in relation to the Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Options Analysis Report.

Thank you to all those who provided feedback on this important project and participated in the following engagement activities held over the last 8 weeks:

  • 18 pop-up events
  • 4 virtual reality sessions
  • 2 community round tables that included representative groups, aged care, youth, business, and accessibility groups
  • a special presentation to Council and State Government Officers by MTAG, the Beach Matters Group and OSCAR on their views
  • an Intergenerational Forum that brought together a wide range of interests from across all generations
  • an Enquiry-By-Design workshop
  • an online survey

In addition to community engagement sessions, Council officers also presented at:

  • 5 schools
  • 19 community and stakeholder briefings

Where to from here?

We are currently collating all feedback received through the consultation process. Once this is complete, the comprehensive analysis of all feedback received will begin.

The analysis will combine ideas, feedback and considerations gathered from community responses throughout the engagement process to inform the finalisation of the Options Analysis report, which will be considered by Council later this year. This means that the content of the Options Analysis report will be revised in light of the feedback received during the engagement process and the report may then be amended, expanded, or qualified to the extent that the results of the engagement process provide a clear basis for doing so.

Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Project Timelines

  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    AUGUST 2019

    Mass Transit Strategic Business Case

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    DRAFT Options Analysis

    Option Analysis - Stage 1 of the mass transit system

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    OCTOBER 2021

    Option Analysis - Stage 1 of the mass transit system

  • Timeline item 4 - active

    DECEMBER 2022

    Detailed Business Case - Stage 1 of the mass transit system

  • Timeline item 5 - incomplete

    2027 onwards

    Stage 1 of the mass transit system operational. Date to be determined based on receiving funding.