Proposed amendment

Council invited the community to have their say on a proposed amendment to the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 relating to Caloundra Centre Master Plan.

The submission period had ended and a consultation report is available.

Note: The proposed amendment was adopted effective from 23 September 2019.

About the amendment

The purpose of the proposed planning scheme amendment was to reflect the adopted Caloundra Centre Master Plan (March 2017), and respond to a small number of other matters related to development in the Caloundra Centre, including amendments to:

  1. the Caloundra Local Plan Area Zone Map (Zone Map ZM45) relating to a small number of specific sites to facilitate delivery of the land use outcomes sought by the Master Plan;
  2. the Caloundra Local Plan Area Height of buildings and structures overlay map (Overlay Map OVM45H) relating to a large number of sites within the Caloundra Centre;
  3. the Caloundra Local Plan Precincts Map (Local Plan Map LPM45);
  4. section 7.2.6 Caloundra local plan code, including Figure 7.2.6A (Caloundra Local Plan Elements);
  5. the tables of assessment in section 5.5 (Categories of development and categories of assessment – material change of use) and section 5.9 (Categories of development and categories of assessment – local plans, Caloundra local plan); and
  6. section 9.4.8 Transport and parking code Figures 9.4.8(A) and 9.4.8(C) to reflect proposed new road and public transport routes.

The proposed amendment was on public consultation from 15 October 2020 until 9 November 2018 (inclusive).

The Public Notice was published on 13 October 2018.

View the proposed amendment

The proposed amendment documents can be viewed below: