Council is proposing to deliver streetscape improvements for Rosebed Street, Eudlo as part of its Streetscape Capital Works Program. The project team are working with the Eudlo community to help shape the future of Rosebed Street to create a streetscape upgrade that aligns with the values and vision of the community.


In November 2020 council engaged with the community to understand what you love about Rosebed Street and what can be improved. As part of Stage 1 community engagement a total 117 surveys and multiple conversations were completed to gain an understanding of what the community loves about Rosebed Street and what can be improved.

Your feedback has helped the council develop a Draft Streetscape Concept Plan reflecting the communities shared visions.

Community Engagement

The survey data has now been analysed to form a community brief, from which the project team have created a draft Concept Plan for further community feedback. This is what you’ve told us you would like to improve:
  • Slow traffic speeds through the center of town
  • Improve safety for motorists at the Rosebed and Corlis Street intersection
  • Manage where we can safely park.
  • Strengthen the surrounding natural beauty in the main street
  • Add more shade with new and replacement trees
  • Improve garden bed plantings along Rosebed Street
  • Add vibrancy and interest with elements that enhance Eudlo’s heritage
  • Enable more events and community gatherings
  • Connect pathways along the streets
  • Ensure community amenities are hygienic and clean
  • Improve park facilities in Olsen Mill Park.

Please note that not all these objectives can be achieved within the allocated project budget.

Where to from here

The ideas and feedback received in this first stage of engagement have informed the concept design. Council asked the community to provide feedback on the proposed concept design. Survey now closed.

The next stages of engagement are:

  • Stage 2 Engagement - Have we got it right? May 2021. You will be invited to provide feedback on the proposed draft Concept Plan.
  • Stage 3 Engagement - Presenting the Concept Plan, June 2021. The plan will be made available to the community for information.


Funded through the Streetscape Capital Works Program, council seeks to design and deliver a streetscape upgrade for Rosebed Street through a placemaking process.

Council has committed $50,000 this financial year (2020/21) for planning and design work and $200,000 next financial year (2021/22) for construction of the streetscape in Eudlo, subject to future capital works budget approval.

Placemaking is an approach to engage and collaborate with communities to create meaningful and vibrant places that reflect their values.


For more information, please contact council’s Placemaking and Design Office on (07) 5420 8046 or email link).