Project information

Project Summary

Council is proposing to deliver streetscape improvements in Memorial Drive Eumundi as part of its Streetscape Capital Works Program. The streetscape project has sought ideas and feedback from the community to develop recommendations for the design of the streetscape, and priorities for its improvement.

Proposed Improvements

The proposed streetscape improvements are in the area of Memorial Drive between Etheridge and Gridley Streets To respond to community desires for the street within a modest budget, improvements are focused in three connected areas (Focus Areas). The design uniquely reflects the character and history of the township with more tranquil outdoor seating, leafy shade, safer pedestrian crossings, and heritage interpretation.

  • Landscaped seating areas with additional street trees
  • Raised pedestrian crossings with safety lighting
  • Upgraded pavement to existing footpaths
  • Art/interpretation elements
  • Water bubbler
  • Painted street print to Lonergan Lane road surface
  • Customised ‘Eumundi’ timber seating
  • Improved safety lighting along Lonergan Lane
  • Wayfinding signage

Artistic impressions

Move the slider to compare before and after for some of the proposed improvements. Artistic impressions show how the street could look in the future.

Before After
Before After

Streetscape Design Stage 1 & 2

The Memorial Drive Streetscape Concept Plan shows Stage 1 & 2. Staging can be viewed here. The proposed design is subject to further design development, technical and budget considerations.

Streetscape Details


What's next?

The detailed design of the streetscape will now be finalised and preparation for construction will commence. It is anticipated the streetscape will be constructed late 2023 - early 2024. Council are committed to working with the community and local businesses throughout the construction process and will provide regular updates.

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Community Engagement

Council has been working with the local community and businesses since October 2020 to gain ideas and feedback through surveys and community workshops.

From the ideas and feedback provided in the first stage of engagement, a draft streetscape concept design was developed to gain the community's further feedback. Community engagement has now concluded, and the streetscape concept design has been updated based on the feedback as well as technical and budget considerations. The design will continue to be refined during the detailed design stage.

Unpacking the design workshop

On 21 April 2023, a workshop was undertaken with invited community group representatives, local businesses and highly involved residents. The session was an opportunity to hear from Council about the streetscape design progress and gain an understanding of the community engagement and design processes undertaken to date. The workshop provided opportunity for Eumundi representatives to ask questions and provide feedback with technical experts from Council on-hand to answer questions.

Throughout the day, workshop attendees:

  • Explored the project, including the elements that had informed the design
  • ‘Unpacked’ the design, specifically in relation to: place, character and heritage; and pedestrian movement, traffic and parking
  • Shared their ideas in relation to: signage and wayfinding; storytelling, art and interpretation; and community and business led activation.

Key takeaways

At the end of the workshop attendees reflected on the day and provided the following observations:

  • The workshop created a stronger sense of connection between Eumundi community stakeholders and Council’s project team.
  • The opportunity to listen to more detailed information was very valuable.
  • The project focuses on three areas which have been designed to ensure heritage is acknowledged and built in.
  • Everyone was respectful at the workshop.
  • The project team have been sensitive to Eumundi.
  • Eumundi wins!
  • The understanding developed during the workshop will help to keep communication with the community open.
  • The detailed design ‘book’ used at the workshop was ‘brilliant’ and helped explain the project. There was a view that it is an historical document that could be shared with the community in the future.

Workshop attendees also:

  • Indicated that they felt grateful to be able to participate and help lead for the future of Eumundi
  • Thanked Council for the extra investment in community engagement, particularly the workshop, declaring it had been worth it
  • Indicated that they felt understood and energised
  • Raised the idea of working with Council to develop a ten-year masterplan for Eumundi.

Next steps

Council will now finalise the design and commence preparation for construction. Construction is proposed to commence at the end of 2023.

Stage 3 Community Update

Between 14 March and 22 April 2022, the Eumundi community were asked to have their say on the Draft Memorial Drive Streetscape Concept Design and let Council know ‘Have we got it right?’.

More than 200 residents, business owners and visitors provided feedback on the Draft Streetscape Concept Design with 171 surveys completed as well as written submissions and community group meetings.

Stage 2 community feedback has been summarised in the below ‘snapshot’ drawn from the survey. This and other community feedback received will assist in further refinement of the design during the detailed design stage.

Feedback image

Updated Streetscape Concept Plan

The Concept Design has been updated based on community feedback, technical feasibility and budget considerations. This will continue be refined as the design is developed.

You can view and download the Updated Memorial Drive Streetscape Concept Design via Council’s Have Your Say website.

Memorial Drive Draft Streetscape Concept Design

View the Memorial Drive Draft Streetscape Concept Report.

Memorial Drive Draft Streetscape Concept Report cover

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