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A new planning scheme for the Sunshine Coast

Council is preparing a new planning scheme for the Sunshine Coast, to help guide growth and development and help preserve the things we love about our region.

Council’s first step toward creating a new planning scheme which reflects our community’s vision for the region, was to seek early community input as part of the preliminary consultation program.

Preliminary consultation - What you told us

During February and March 2022, around 8,000 people provided feedback on a proposed vision and regional planning directions for the new planning scheme and contributed their ideas to local area planning.

Feedback received indicated that planning priorities for our region included protecting the natural environment and green spaces, maintaining building heights within set limits, improving our region's resilience to climate change, retaining local character and providing parks and open space.

Community input indicated high levels of support for most proposed planning directions and also highlighted some local area concerns that will be further and carefully considered in the more detailed drafting of the new planning scheme.

Read the Summary and Outcomes brochure for more information

Feedback at a glance

Consultation feedback indicated Council’s proposed planning directions for the new planning scheme are guided by the right principles and the community is hopeful of an outcome that preserves the natural environment, maximises green space, retains local character and maintains our enviable coastal lifestyle.

It was clear our community has a strong desire for the new planning scheme to recognise and protect what makes the Sunshine Coast unique.

Next steps

The preliminary consultation was a valuable first step in creating a new planning scheme that reflects the community’s vision for our region.

Feedback received is helping to guide and inform the detailed drafting of the new planning scheme.

While the invitation to shape the new planning scheme before drafting commenced was viewed positively by the community, it is acknowledged that many people are keen to see more detail, particularly in relation to the location of any future additional density or building heights.

There will be an opportunity to provide feedback on the draft new planning scheme, at this level of detail, as part of the next phase of consultation.

In February and March 2022, council sought feedback on: